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End of Year Wine and Grape Market Trends

Globally, 2017 saw the lowest level of world-wide wine grape production in sixteen years, Glenn Proctor, Partner at Ciatti Company, told the audience in the opening minutes of the afternoon WIN Expo session Fires & Acquisition: Impact on the North Coast Grape Market. The hot summer affected overall yield, bringing in 3.85 million tons this year. Given the volatility of this agricultural product, Proctor said that “some buyers are changing strategies about how they source their crop.”

Acquisitions Impact on North Coast Grape Growers Hard to Predict Due...

Impacts from Fires Still Unknown but Believed to Be Minimal. Glenn Proctor has been in the business of predicting market trends for the wine industry for thirty plus years, and he’s seen his share of ups and downs.

Market Conditions Call for Caution and Solid Decision-Making

by Elizabeth Hans McCrone The lighter-than-expected harvest this year has impacted a changing market that’s somewhat out of balance and in the process of correcting...

Silicon Valley Bank Foresees Breakout Year Ahead for US Fine Wine...

Silicon Valley Bank, a leading provider of commercial banking services to the innovation sector and the wine industry, releases its Annual State of the Wine Industry Report in a live broadcast from the SVB TV studio today.

Silicon Valley Bank Wine Report 2014

Silicon Valley Bank's State of the Wine Industry report webcast with Rob McMillan, founder of Silicon Valley Bank's wine division, Paul Mabray, Chief Strategy...

Recent Rain Does Little to Alleviate Drought in Northern California

Wine Industry Not “Overreacting” to Dry Conditions By Elizabeth Hans McCrone While many welcomed the light storm system that dampened North Coast skies last weekend, the...