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Alternatives to SO2 to Protect Wine Post-Fermentation – Winemaker’s Toolkit

The harvest hustle is over, and fermentations are finished. Winemakers are now starting to think about maintaining and preserving their wines’ quality throughout the...

Adoption of Innovative Winemaking Method Continues Advancement of Catoctin Breeze Wines

Catoctin Breeze Vineyard is settled in the hills along Route 15 in western Maryland, a few miles north of Frederick and in the vicinity of Camp David.

Preventing Stuck Fermentations While Preserving Wine Quality

“If you’ve ever had a stuck ferment, you want to avoid that in the future. In the past, I’ve battled with stuck fermentations that were mainly fructose, and they’re a bear to restart.”

Afternoon Brief, September 3

Winemakers Use Art to Attract an Audience for Wine: Art and wine have always had a natural affinity. Art openings are characterized by lavish wine receptions and hors d oeuvres. Tasting rooms are filled with intriguing artistic items that tempt customers into purchases...

Anchor Co-Inoculant Bacteria Reduces Malolactic Fermentation Time and Improves Quality

Studies show that Anchor Co-Inoculant Bacteria is highly compatible and, combined with microoxygenation, improves wine quality in a shorter timeframe than micro-oxygenation alone. Cape Town,...
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