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Adoption of Innovative Winemaking Method Continues Advancement of Catoctin Breeze Wines

Catoctin Breeze Vineyard is settled in the hills along Route 15 in western Maryland, a few miles north of Frederick and in the vicinity of Camp David.

Preventing Stuck Fermentations While Preserving Wine Quality

“If you’ve ever had a stuck ferment, you want to avoid that in the future. In the past, I’ve battled with stuck fermentations that were mainly fructose, and they’re a bear to restart.”

Afternoon Brief, September 3

Winemakers Use Art to Attract an Audience for Wine: Art and wine have always had a natural affinity. Art openings are characterized by lavish wine receptions and hors d oeuvres. Tasting rooms are filled with intriguing artistic items that tempt customers into purchases...

Anchor Co-Inoculant Bacteria Reduces Malolactic Fermentation Time and Improves Quality

Studies show that Anchor Co-Inoculant Bacteria is highly compatible and, combined with microoxygenation, improves wine quality in a shorter timeframe than micro-oxygenation alone. Cape Town,...