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Afternoon Brief, December 10

Within Five Years Entire Brands Will Be Created Through Pre-Production Personalization: "Within five years you will see entire brands created through pre-production personalization by flavor and shopper profiling at an individual level blends crafted 'instantly' through data on the consumers taste and purchase preferences, and genetic/behavioral/social characteristics, driven by data that may have nothing to do with wine or the production process," says Mike Provance, PhD and CEO of 3×3...

Afternoon Brief, May 22

Wineries Innovate to Build Domestic Demand: Amid lingering trade uncertainties and a changing consumer market, some Northern California wineries are trying to get creative to maintain demand...

Afternoon Brief, January 22

Supreme Court's Wine-Regulation Case Focuses on Protectionism:

Afternoon Brief, January 17

Napa Is Suddenly Abuzz with Winery and Vineyard Sales: After a relatively quiet period in Napa Valley mergers and acquisitions, we are suddenly seeing a flurry of activity. The big headline: Ed and Deb Fitts have sold Brand, the very high-end estate on Napa's Pritchard Hill that they founded in 2005, to Jim Bean and Christine O'Sullivan for an undisclosed price...

Afternoon Brief, December 26

Beer, Spirits, & Wine - Packaged Imports Grow +8.3% by Value Over Last Twelve Months Through October 2018, Packaged Exports Decline -10.3%: Total beverage alcohol imports (including bulk and packaged) grew +7.7% by value over the last twelve months and grew +5.6% by value over the last three months...

Afternoon Brief, November 29

Is Copper Safe for Wine? : It's a top tool of organic grapegrowers. But is copper sulfate truly safe for vineyards...

Afternoon Brief, July 18

Napa County Handling of Williamson Act Agricultural Land Contracts Draws Grand Jury Scrutiny Napa County's grand jury says a decades-old program giving property tax breaks to agriculture land owners suffers from a lax of oversight and puts the county in the role of "subsidizing a lifestyle."

Afternoon Brief, June 21

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief   Trending Story: Is Originality Overpriced When It Comes to Wine? Replica Wine, a Colorado company, is reverse-engineering famous wines to...

Afternoon Brief, June 8

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief   Trending Story: High-End Growth Drives Domestic Sparkling Wine As the total domestic sparkling wine category edges closer to the 11-million-case...

Afternoon Brief, June 6

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief   Trending Story: Measure C Vote Split on Napa County Vineyards Votes in favor of limits on Napa County vineyard development...

Afternoon Brief, June 5

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief   Trending Story: Premium Private Label Wines Driving Growth If your idea of a private label wine is "Two-Buck Chuck" from...

Afternoon Brief, June 4

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief   Trending Story: Abundant Generosity and Unexpected Moments Delight Guests at 38th Auction Napa Valley Napa Valley Vintners' celebrated charity wine...

Afternoon Brief, December 11

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief   Trending Story: Beverage Companies Challenge Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau's Ban of Health Claims on Labels Two alcohol...

Afternoon Brief, October 19

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief   Trending Story: California Winery Arrives in Oregon Jackson Family Wines' expansion into Oregon worried some people in the industry, and...

Afternoon Brief, October 18

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief   Trending Story: Napa Valley Winemakers Optimistic as Famed Wine Region Begins to Recover Despite Mother Nature challenging Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino,...
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