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East Coast Wineries Crafting a Niche in the Vermouth Market

While the advent of craft, low volume contemporary Left Coast vermouth production dates to Andrew Quady's 1998 launch of VYA, its Right Coast rise by wineries originates in 2013 from New York's Channing Daughters initiating its VerVino line with several others south to Virginia, west to Wisconsin, and north to Vermont joining since....

A New Chapter for Virginia Sparkling Wines

Virginia’s first all-round custom sparkling wine facility will soon offer traditional method sparkling production services to Virginia wineries, their point of sale clients, and consumers. A graduate of Virginia Sparkling Company logoEngland’s Plumpton College, Elliott Watkins, will oversee operations at the Virginia Sparkling Company (VSC), an adjunct of his family’s Veritas and Flying Fox operations...
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