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Wildfires Threaten to Upend Crop Insurance

California wildfires are threatening to upend crop insurance for vineyards as smoke threatens grape production in another record-breaking wildfire year in the U.S. —Jack Roudebush,...

Wildfire and Smoke Taint Insurance

As wildfires threaten communities in California and beyond, many grape growers have faced a difficult 2020 harvest made even more challenging by the fast-moving fires and smoke that has filled the region. Even for the vineyards that have been spared from the ravages of fire, extreme smoke conditions can taint the grapes.

Crop Insurance Provides Relief for Grape Growers in Wake of Wildfires

No one has more respect for Mother Nature than farmers. In Sonoma County alone, with close to 60,000 acres under vine, almost 70 percent...

Afternoon Brief, February 4

Micro-Agglomerates: 350 Million Illegal Corks Per Year? Agglomerated cork manufacturers and importers are facing scrutiny from two major federal agencies over health concerns about the plastic used to bind bits of cork glued together. The concern is that chemicals in the binding plastic can leach into wine...

Managing Risk with Crop Insurance

The economic stability of the U.S. agriculture as a whole as well as the individual vineyard and grower is promoted through the system of...

Afternoon Brief, November 4

Google chief, social media gives wine the chance to shine: Social media platforms like YouTube give the wine industry the chance to connect directly with consumers in a way traditional media channels such as TV and newspapers have always denied them, according to Google's Hamish Nicklin...

Afternoon Brief, April 3

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief Trending Story: Truett-Hurst inks $750,000 gift-basket deal Truett-Hurst Inc. (Nasdaq: THST), wrapped up a wine-supply agreement with a Fullerton company that has...

Afternoon Brief, March 17

Trending Story: French Wine Militia Renews Attacks Militant winemakers in the south of France appear to have been involved in the destruction of two telephone exchanges...

Afternoon Brief, Feb 13

Trending Story: Treasury Wine could deliver $2bn through US division sale: Merrill Lynch Treasury Wine Estates is under renewed pressure to sell its troubled US division...

Afternoon Brief, Jan. 6

Trending Story: California Grape Area Being Ripped Up for Almonds, Ciatti Says Californian grape vines are being ripped up as drought forces farmers to switch to...

Afternoon Brief, Nov. 14

Trending Story: Oregon's wine industry tops 500 wineries in 2012 Oregons wine industry had more than 500 wineries and production exceeded 50,000 tons in 2012, according...
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