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Enterprise Level Automation and AI Marketing Tools Made Accessible to Wineries

Debuting at the WIN Expo in December 2019, PreferencePro by VinterActive made a serious splash and quickly signed up several wineries for this breakthrough email marketing software...

Automation Aimed at Consumer Preferences Is Key to Successful Digital Marketing...

Automation Aimed at Consumer Preferences Is Key to Successful Digital Marketing Strategies: “Not everyone in your CRM is created equal. Some are more engaged, some purchase more, some are involved in wine club, some aren’t. Should you treat them all the same? No!”

Automated Wine Marketing Has Potential to Boost Company Revenues by as...

If someone told you that you could increase your business by a whopping 50 percent through an affordable technology using the principles of preference based marketing, would you be willing to give it a shot?

Intersection of Key Findings from Two Major DTC Reports

For wineries seeking answers and comparisons, there are two major reports available which can give insights into sales and marketing trends and tactics. Released in May 2019, VinterActive’s VinQuest Report is based on a survey of wineries returning a total of 110 surveys from across the nation (although a preponderance came from CA).

Top 10 DTC Sales Growth Practices

Bryan St. Amant of VinterActive LLC has been doing VinQuest research for more than a decade, producing data that illustrates which tactics have been successful for wineries seeking more direct to consumer sales. VinQuest 2018 Consumer Direct Wine Sales Report was created to help growth-oriented wineries succeed, utilizing this data.
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