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Afternoon Brief, January 19th

Ryan Klobas, Chief of Napa County Farm Bureau, Dies: Peter Nissen, president of the Farm Bureau’s board, said the bureau is “shocked and saddened” to learn of Klobas’ death...

Develop High-End, Sustainability-Focused Vineyards with Advanced Viticulture

Our automated moisture monitoring stations now feature information about soil and plant water status. We've integrated the tried and true soil moisture probe with...

Afternoon Brief, August 24th

Wine Grape Transport Truck Overturns Near George, WA Trapping Two: A semi-tractor pulling two trailers filled with wine grapes met a severe mishap on Monday, overturning while traveling too fast on Road 1-Northwest near Beverly-Burke Road, just north of George. The incident occurred on the corner east of Beverly-Burke Road Southwest at approximately 5:30 p.m...

Future-Proofing Vineyards: Expert Perspectives on AI, Water Management and Climate Resilience

Navigating climate change in viticulture by water management automation, climate-friendly farming, and AI advancements By Laurie Wachter Note: This article summarizes key insights from industry experts...

Automated Plant Stress Monitoring System Combines New Technology with Proven Methods

For the 2023 season, we are launching an upgraded, automated system that monitors plant stress, soil moisture and irrigation system operation. Combining new technology...

Integrated Vineyard Monitoring and Winegrowing Advising

Advanced Viticulture is a leader in integrated vineyard monitoring and winegrowing advising, founded by viticulturist Mark Greenspan, PhD. For the 2023 season, AV is...

Afternoon Brief, August 18th

Unshackled Wines to Pay $75,000 to One Person Ready to Unshackle from the Status Quo: Unshackled, a wine brand founded with the purpose of challenging the conventions of luxury wine, is offering $75,000 to one person ready to break free from the day-to-day grind to pursue their dreams...

Afternoon Brief, April 19th

For Some Pacific Northwest Winemakers, AVA Wine Labels Are a Challenge: The number of bonded wineries in the United States has increased exponentially over the last four decades. With that growth has come a dramatic rise in designated American Viticultural Areas (AVAs), or appellations of origin, followed by smaller sub-AVAs to differentiate diverse grape-growing regions within them...

Advanced Viticulture Showcasing New Partnerships and Technologies

Showcasing our newer partnerships and technologies, including The Well Bubbler and FloraPulse micro tensiometer. The Well Bubbler is an automated well depth sensor that...

Afternoon Brief, December 29th

A Father of Franciacorta: Franco Ziliani, Pioneering Winemaker of Italian Sparkling Wine, Dies at 90: Ziliani's passing came at a historic milestone, 60 years after making his first groundbreaking vintage of a Champagne-style sparkling wine for Berlucchi, the winery he came to own through his long partnership with Count Guido Berlucchi...

Artificial Intelligence in the Vineyard

Adopting this new vineyard technology is critical to the California grape industry. —Tom Shapland, PhD, CEO and cofounder of Tule Technologies Anything humans can observe with...

Afternoon Brief, September 21st

Scientists Develop Organic Cure for Pierce’s Disease: Testing continues, but new treatment meets approval of U.S. EPA and several state regulators...

Irrigation Scheduling – Technology and Practices

Mark Greenspan (Advanced Viticulture) will give an overview of soil, plant, and weather technology, including data is used to inform irrigation scheduling. A grower...

Afternoon Brief, July 16

In Wine Country, Coronavirus Cases Rise in Cramped Farmworker Housing: As Eppie Ordaz, a grape grower in Sonoma County, readies his vineyard for the late August harvest season, he is stocking masks and gloves for employees, planning empty rows to allow workers to keep their distance, and putting extra disinfectants and sanitation stations into place...

Afternoon Brief, June 17

A Black Winemaking Revolution in the Making: As Black Lives Matter protests drive more business to black winemakers, some wonder if a change is going to come...
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