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3 Tips for Wooing Your Wine Club

You know the story. Wine lovers see a promotion to “join the club” or to get those special “members-only” benefits and they sign up for your wine club. They’re excited. You’re excited. You send out the first shipment and the next thing you know, they cancel the membership.

Holistic Marketing: How to Get the Most Out of Your Marketing...

The most successful approach to communicating your brand is an all-encompassing creative strategy that incorporates all of your communication efforts from public relations to...

Wine Women Hosts “Holistic Marketing,” on September 26th at Kivelstadt Cellars

WINE WOMEN hosts, “Holistic Marketing: How to get the most out of your marketing efforts with a strategic approach,” on September 26th at Kivelstadt...

Creative Solutions to Drive Small Winery Marketing

Marketing your small winery can seem overwhelming and challenging, especially for those of us with small shops with just one, or maybe a few employees. During harvest, there is never enough time to even think about marketing. Then by the time you get everything else done, from bottling to distribution, it’s almost harvest again! However, you know creative and customer-focused marketing is critical to the success of your winery.