WIN Webinars

Wine Industry Network’s Educational Webinar Series (WIN Webinars) is dedicated to wine industry professionals looking to advance their knowledge and skill sets by learning directly from trusted industry experts. Discover new products & services, join Live Chat discussions, review presentations, walkthroughs, and the latest technical data to ensure your winery’s success in the future. Topics vary from within all sectors of the wine industry. Check back regularly as new videos are added on a monthly basis.

Integrated Marketing – Why You’re Leaving Money on the Table

Marketing is an ongoing communication with your customers, not a one shot broadcast on a single channel. Then why do many wineries have silos...

Text Enable Your Winery – The Complete How-To Guide

The data is in — other wineries have proven that texting with their prospects, customers, and members works. Texting saves you time. Texting sells...

The State of Technology Adoption 2022

As we face new challenges like the supply chain crisis and distributor consolidation, there is one persistent challenge that our industry has yet to...

DTC Wine Trends to Pay Attention to: Increasing Sophistication of Domestic...

With more wineries adopting DTC, the wineries that architect a customer experience and modernize their operations, technology, and supply chain to meet the high...

The Future of Wine Discovery

One-on-one interview with an Industry Innovator on the Future of eCommerce and Consumer Discovery Pix is the world’s first wine discovery platform. But what does that...

Retailer DTC Shipping: Adjust for the Present, Prepare for the Future

Direct-to-consumer (DTC) shipping continues to be a hot topic, with things like retail reciprocity coming to the forefront.  In this webinar, we will discuss...

The Wine eCommerce Landscape Is Changing: Here’s How to Compete

Pix is changing the way eCommerce works for wineries by helping shoppers find the right wine, not just the cheapest. Join Joe Fattorini, Trade Managing...

DTC Enforcement Trends in Beverage Alcohol

Direct-to-consumer shipping has increased at an astronomical rate over the past year in the beverage alcohol industry. As a result, the industry has had...

The Easy to Use Yeast Revolution – Direct Inoculation Demystified

It’s been said that winemakers hold fast to tradition when it comes to their tried-and-true oenological practices, especially when it comes to yeast, but...

State of the Industry: Tech Adoption in Wineries

Ekos, a business management software for wineries, asked winemakers to give themselves a grade (A+ to F) on how well they utilize technology in...

Where Cannabis and Wine Meet: Cannabis Beverages

Cannabis-infused beverages are one of the most innovative and fastest-growing market segments within the cannabis industry. The segment shares the most in common with...

Leveraging Technology to Survive and Thrive (Webinar)

Winemaking is steeped in tradition, with knowledge passed through generations with oral instructions or handwritten notes. But as the world becomes faster moving and more complicated, you need to find ways to keep up.

Virtual Winery Offerings – Case Study Discussions (Webinar)

Sandra Hess, founder of DTC Wine Workshops and Consumer Engagement Specialist will moderate a discussion and showcase three Virtual Winery Program Case Studies.

Growing Cannabis in Wine Country: The Shone Farm Project (Webinar)

In 2019, the Santa Rosa Junior College initiated a hemp cultivation project at Shone Farm to specifically identify the best agronomic practices for cultivating hemp and understand the potential terpene drift between hemp and wine grape vines. This session, led by Dr. George Sellu, Ph.D., will address these questions, provide an overview of the Shone Farm project and share his observations and insights on the agricultural impact of hemp farming in wine country.​​​​​​​

Lessons from Down Under: Three Master Winemakers share their COVID Harvest...

This webinar is a rare opportunity to hear, first hand, from three master winemakers who, without warning, had to navigate harvest with the sudden lockdown restrictions. These winemakers share their experience, insights, and lessons learned with Jamie Gilchrist, Co-Founder and Director of Sales, vintrace wine production software, based in Melbourne, Australia.
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