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Afternoon Brief, September 3

Wildfires Raise Fears Of Grape Smoke Taint: The current wildfires in Washington have left many growers wondering if smoke taint could impact the flavor of their winegrapes...

Afternoon Brief, September 2

Vintage Wine Estates Buys Napa's Swanson Vineyards: Vintage Wine Estates has continued a recent winery-buying spree, announcing its purchase of Napa Valley's Swanson Vineyards, a pioneer in California Merlot, this morning...

How to Get a ‘Get’: Cultivating the Media by Not Asking...

by Alan Goldfarb “I haven't been able to taste (Your Winery Client’s Names Here) but would be happy to if they are willing to send...

Afternoon Brief, September 1

Alibaba Brings the Taste of Napa Valley Wine to China: Chinese Internet giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. is betting that a country known for sipping black tea will develop a taste for Napa Valley red...

Afternoon Brief, August 31

Peter Michael Adds Its Support to Wine Spectator Learning Center at Sonoma State University: The Michael family's $300,000 donation to Sonoma States School of Business and Economics will be used to create The Peter Michael Winery Executive Classroom at the Wine Spectator Learning Center, which will house the university's future Wine Business Institute...

Afternoon Brief, August 28

Napa Poised to TKO the European Grapevine Moth: A $59 million, six-year battle has all but eliminated a grape-maiming invasive pest that struck the heart of Napa's wine country...

Afternoon Brief, August 27

Researchers Develop a Method to Sniff Out Counterfeit Wine Without Opening the Bottle: How do you know if a wine is authentic without opening the bottle? A team of researchers at U.C. Irvine believes they have developed a valuable new tool in the battle against counterfeit wines...

Afternoon Brief, August 26

E. & J. Gallo Announces Purchase of Talbott Vineyards: E. & J. Gallo Winery announced today that it has agreed to purchase Talbott Vineyards, one of Californias largest and most esteemed producers of 100% estate-grown wines...

Afternoon Brief, August 25

Panel Recommends Limits for New Napa Wineries:An advisory panel seeking to limit winery expansion within Napa County agreed on Monday to a few proposals in its quest to better rein in traffic and congestion coming from the industry...

Afternoon Brief, August 24

Year After Quake, Napa's Wine Industry Healthy: In the immediate aftermath of last August's earthquake in Napa, photographs quickly circulated of shattered wine racks, toppled barrels and what looked like an endless river of spilled red wine...

Afternoon Brief, August 21

How Much Generation Y Will Pay for a Bottle of Wine: Australian Vintage wants to sell more wine to 18-to-34 year olds, and in doing so has uncovered some fascinating data about what 'generation Y' wants from its alcohol, and the amount they're prepared to pay for it...

Afternoon Brief, August 20

Lake Chelan Wildfire Destroys Winery: A wildfire has destroyed one winery and caused many of the regions winemakers and grape growers to evacuate...

Afternoon Brief, August 19

A Dire Threat to Grapevines: Esca and other vine-trunk diseases are infecting vines around the globe, threatening an epidemic

Afternoon Brief, August 18

Positive Wine Industry Survey Results, but PR Efforts Still Needed: Survey results released by Sonoma State's Wine Business Institute last week ran contrary to the impression given by several recent stories about the wine industry clashing with locals about vineyard and winery development

Positive Wine Industry Survey Results, but PR Efforts Still Needed

Survey results released by Sonoma State’s Wine Business Institute last week ran contrary to the impression given by several recent stories about the wine industry clashing with locals about vineyard and winery development.