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Shafer Vineyards Announces New Distribution Partnerships Across Key Markets


Napa Valley, CA – June 1, 2024 – Shafer Vineyards, one of Napa Valley’s most historic names in winemaking, is pleased to announce new distributor partnerships to elevate the distribution of its wines across several key markets in the United States. These strategic alliances, effective June 1, 2024, mark a significant step in Shafer’s commitment to enhancing the brand’s national presence.

California: The Estates Group of Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC) has been appointed as distributor of Shafer wines in California, working with their extensive network and expertise to advance the brand’s presence throughout the state.

New York and New Jersey: Shafer will consolidate its reach in these vibrant and dynamic markets now working with Wilson Daniels Wholesale to manage distribution. Wilson Daniels Wholesale is known for its dedication to quality and its deep connections within the wine industry, making them an ideal partner for Shafer Vineyards in these key markets.

Washington: Shafer will consolidate its brand reach in the energetic Pacific Northwest markets by naming Wilson Daniels Wholesale their new distributor in Washington state, aligning with the current, successful relationship with Wilson Daniels Wholesale in Oregon.

These new distribution partnerships are part of Shafer Vineyards’ robust efforts to support the brand’s presence and make their wines accessible to top on- and off-premise accounts.

For more information about Shafer Vineyards, please visit: www.shafervineyards.com.

About Shafer Vineyards

Shafer Vineyards has produced opulent Napa Valley wines since 1978. The winery owns and farms more 250 acres of specially selected vineyard sites along the Valley’s cooler southeast corridor, sources for Shafer’s Red Shoulder Ranch Chardonnay, TD-9 Cabernet Sauvignon, One Point Five Cabernet Sauvignon, Relentless Syrah, and its flagship Cabernet Sauvignon, Hillside Select.