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Italian Inspiration: Discover State-of-the-Art Technology at SIMEI


Italy. The name alone conjures images of undulating grape vineyards traversing and defining its hillsides. Its long history of winemaking has resulted in generations of innovative Italian engineering in machinery and equipment for the wine industry. 

This November, the International Trade Fair for Winemaking and Bottling Machinery (SIMEI) will hold its 30th edition in Milan, Italy. This biennial event is the world’s largest exhibition of machinery and equipment for the production, bottling, and packaging of wine and spirits. Featuring the world’s leading manufacturers, it has a 60-year tradition of showcasing state-of-the-art technology in Italian and international engineering. 

“It’s a great place to go,” says Italian-born Alberto Migliardi, CEO of APS Packaging. ”First, because it is in Italy. Second, because so many of the most innovative companies producing winery equipment are in Italy. You can meet them, see the details of their equipment in operation, and talk to the engineers to answer your questions.”

Participating in one-on-one interactions is a hallmark of the SIMEI trade show, as is seeing firsthand what is new on the market, rather than surfing the web or thumbing catalogs for information. Exhibitors wait for SIMEI to showcase their latest technology, and seeing the innovations before they arrive in the US is an exceptional opportunity. 

Exclusive VIP Opportunity

This year, APS Packaging, in collaboration with SIMEI, is offering an extraordinary opportunity to attend SIMEI’s four-day trade show and will be providing airfare, hotel accommodations, and logistics to a limited group of wine and spirit executives who apply by March 15, 2024. These include winemakers, purchasing managers, engineers, and CTOs, who are well-versed in identifying equipment that holds substantial value for their companies.

This exceptional opportunity to experience a wide range of new and exciting advances in winery and distillery technology will take place in the Milan Exhibition Centre (FIERA MILANO), an expansive venue that gives exhibitors room to present large working installations of their equipment.

Providing an opportunity to attend the SIMEI event is an integral part of APS Packaging’s commitment to the market. Migliardi points out that “There is a whole world over there, a world of equipment and technology which is worth knowing about.”  

Expert Guidance through the SIMEI Experience

APS Packaging is working in collaboration with SIMEI to design an experience for each trip participant that takes full advantage of the comprehensive educational resources and on-site demonstrations by over 480 exhibitors. Migliardi will draw on his years of expertise in supplying the wine industry with bottling and other equipment to create a list of contacts who can provide the most relevant information and advice for each participant. 

“I can help make appointments, but everybody is free to go through the trade show on their own,” says Migliardi. “The important thing is that we need to know what they are interested in because we are going to customize the trip’s experience based on their needs.”

The brands that will benefit most will be those with active or well-formed plans for a future winemaking, bottling, or packaging equipment project. The VIP participants will meet with Italian companies – from the most prominent manufacturers to the small boutique firms with unique and new technology. For them, being able to interact and connect and shake hands with potential clients from the US and potentially have their technology seen abroad is an invaluable experience.

Says Migliardi, “This is the spirit – the connection. Our goal is connecting people to the information, facilitating collaboration between US & Italian companies, and generating more opportunities for the California utilizer to discover new technology.” 

He continues, “The most important thing is that it is a learning experience, a human experience, an Italian experience!”

To learn more about the trade fair and how to attend this event, contact Gisselle Aguilera, APS Marketing Manager, at 707-799-7502 or marketing@aps-pack.com, or click here to apply.



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