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Vineyard Trellising Revolutionized by Concrete “Harvest Pillar” Option


Concrete may not be the first material that comes to mind for vineyard managers who are setting up or reinforcing their trellis systems this year. Jensen Precast, the largest independently-owned precast company in the United States, is giving viticulturists serious reasons to think again.

Jensen Precast, known since 1968 for its expertise in the manufacturing of concrete building materials such as sewer pipes, parking barriers, and bridge beams for infrastructure development, has introduced the Harvest Pillar, a new concept in trellising for vineyards, orchards, hop yards, and nut farms.

The advantages of Harvest Pillar concrete posts over traditional wood or steel trellis systems are compelling.

“Harvest Pillar concrete posts will help growers save on costly repairs and replacement of wood and steel posts,” explains George Kehagias, Technical Sales Manager for Jensen Precast. “Concrete has long been used in Europe and Australia for trellising. We are now introducing it to American growers, including vineyard management businesses. Harvest Pillar is designed to reduce labor and maintenance costs while providing a lasting solution to recurring trellis replacement needs.”

Harvest Pillar prestressed concrete posts are made with steel tendons encased in Portland cement, aggregates, and water, the standard materials used to make concrete.

Bendable steel tendons within the post give the concrete flexibility in the field during inclement weather conditions and harvesting events.

Besides withstanding climate extremes of heat, frost, rain, snow, and wind, the concrete posts are ideal for mechanical harvesting, remaining intact when vigorously shaken, as opposed to steel, which can be bent, or wood that can break under duress.

Jensen Precast Harvest Pillar posts are:

  • Durable and flexible
  • Not subject to rust or corrosion
  • Free from toxins or other harmful chemicals
  • Disease and pest-resistant
  • Safe for mechanical harvesting
  • Cost savings in terms of materials and labor

The superiority of prestressed concrete posts as a viable option for vineyard management is catching on fast with trellis experts and crop growers alike.

“Prestressed concrete posts used in agriculture trellis offer a reliable solution to growers looking to maximize longevity, repeatability, and strength,” notes Agricultural Engineer Mark De Kleine, Ph.D., founder of TrellX, a leader in providing cost-effective trellis solutions. “The wide variety of applications and bolt-on accessories is appealing for trellis and covering systems in agriculture production. With a committed domestic producer in the United States, the availability is now unquestioned.”

Jensen Precast is proud to be collaborating with industry leaders to provide next-generation solutions for agriculture and infrastructure development.

For growers interested in a pilot project using Harvest Pillar trellis posts or for more information on a partial or complete installation build-out, contact Jensen Precast at (775) 352-2700 or harvestpillar@jensenprecast.com.

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