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#Hugelday: A Worldwide Annual Event Since 2009


Riquewihr, October 24th – Here’s no escaping one Alsace tradition at this time of year, wherever you are in the world, and that’s #HUGELDAY! On November 4, the 14th edition of #HugelDay will take place all around the world. 

#HugelDay is an event that started in America in 2009. Held in wine shops and restaurants, it celebrates the wines of Alsace with Famille Hugel, one of the oldest family wine estate of the world, situated in the beautiful typical Alsatian village Riquewihr since 1639. Today, #HugelDay has spread all over the world:  the Alsatian tradition and the eminently joyful, convivial spirit of Famille Hugel are celebrated every year.


To liven up the Hugel Day event, Famille Hugel produces visuals to decorate the celebration sites, together with a slogan.

In 2023, the #HugelDay slogan “Spice up your life” is an ode to joy and to the celebration of great moments of life. It is also a reference to the rich aromas and the famous pairings of Hugel wines with spicy world cuisine.

The visuals of the #HugelDay 2023 campaign are build on this convivial theme, full of hope and joyfulness, with two warm colors that are dear to the hearts of Famille Hugel : red and yellow.

Why these two? Because in 1918 Alsace became part of France again, and its wine producers had to deal with major economic changes and rethink the packaging of their wines. Prior to this, Jean Hugel, the great grandfather of the current 13th generation, had trained in the marketing department of the famous Swiss food brand MAGGI™. At that time, market research into the presentation of its products showed that yellow, red, and gold were the colors people preferred, and these were quickly adopted by the company. The young Jean Hugel rapidly (and effectively) took this on board and so, since 1921, the wines of Famille Hugel have been recognizable the world over for their famous yellow, red, and gold labels.

These favorite colors of Famille Hugel are also symbols of joy, hope, passion and conviviality. 


#HugelDay is a celebration of moments of joy and pleasure in the red and yellow colors, Hugel’s lucky charms. On November 4, 2023, Alsace and its great wines will be in the spotlight in New York, Roma, Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai and many other cities around the world. Today, Hugel craftsmanship, transmitted from generation to generation since 1639, is indeed diffused and appreciated in more than 100 countries.
To find out where to celebrate #HugelDay, visitwww.hugelday2023.com



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