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Domaine de Papolle Bas-Armagnac Now Available in Tennessee


October 3rd – Columbus Wine and Spirits is pleased to announce that we have entered into a distribution agreement with Ajax Turner Distributing of Tennessee, a member of The Independent Distributor Network, for Domaine de Papolle Bas-Armagnac effective October 1, 2023. As the national importer for Domaine de Papolle, we believe that Ajax Turner, as a family owned, independent distributor, is the perfect partner for gaining distribution of these fine Armagnacs in the Tennessee market. Initial distribution will include VSOP, Hors D’Age 1987 Vintage aged 31 years in barrel and bottled at cask strength, and 1973 aged 45 years in barrel and bottled at cask strength. 

About Domaine de Papolle, Bas-Armagnac 

The Domaine de Papolle estate can trace their roots back to the 17th century. The estate, now owned by father and son Bernard & Frédéric Piffard, is spread over 135 hectares, 55 of which are under vines. The soil is composed of tawny sand and limestone. These acidic soils help to produce fruity Armagnacs with fantastic aging potential. The Armagnacs are distilled once in a continuous “alembic” still, then aged only in Gascony sourced oak barrels.  
Typically, no more than eight 400Liter barrels are produced each year. Frédéric is the master blender that runs the vineyards and distills the spirit. Their viticultural approach is based on the philosophy that less is more. “We want the grapes to speak for themselves, and we allow this by interfering as little as possible while still maintaining the health of our vines. By doing this we hope to create a natural, pure product that expresses the terroir of our region.” Domaine de PAPOLLE 

About Ajax Turner  

Established in 1961, today a multi-generational, family-owned and one of the best wholesale liquor distributors that distribute an extensive portfolio of high-quality beverages. We are honored to represent Anheuser-Busch, top-selling local, regional, and import brewers, premium non-alcoholic beverages, and a great selection of award-winning wines and spirits from all over the world. We are proud to continue to build our reputation one case at a time.  

Ajax Turner’s central goal is to become one of the foremost wholesale beverage distributors of wine and spirits products for retailers inside the territory of Tennessee while creating a recognizable culture that sets it apart from its competition in product selection, quality personnel, and superior customer service. We believe that Domaine de Papolle Bas-Armagnacs are a perfect fit for our portfolio and fill a void in the market. www.About Ajax Turner 

About Columbus Wine and Spirits  

Columbus Wine and Spirits is an import, sales and marketing company providing independent distributors nationwide a portfolio of sustainably produced, high quality, distinctive yet value-driven, artisan wines and spirits while delivering superior marketing and sales support. Columbus Wine and Spirits buys carbon credits to offset the carbon impact of shipping of all our wines and spirits from producer to market. www.columbuswineandspirits.com.  



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