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Innovative Software Development Company Provides “One-Stop-Shop” Solution for Comprehensive Wine Industry Sales


Gone are the days when wineries struggle to patch together a piecemeal data management system that can work with their existing software to track customer sales.

Now, Activ8 Commerce, a complete winery, distillery and brewery multi-channel sales system, offers the industry a single, powerful platform to handle all comprehensive winery sales activities, including retail POS, club and allocations automation, eCommerce, email marketing, fulfillment and shipping, inventory management, compliance activities and much more.

“It’s one big powerful database, with all the information in one place, under one system,” confirms Helene Champ, with Activ8 Marketing and Communications. “When a customer shops online, the POS system knows whether they are a club member, if they come to winery events and that they have a current shipment to pick up. Everything is integrated.

“We’ve built one solution. It’s foolproof. It works every time.”

Founded in 2003 and initially known as Active Club Solutions, Inc., the company got its start in wine club software, adding more comprehensive features into the system as the alcohol beverage industry developed.

After two full decades working with customer feedback, Activ8 Commerce evolved into an end-to-end solution for wineries, offering sales software for specialty retail and tasting rooms, wine clubs, eCommerce, field reps, fulfillment, shipping, inventory and accounting.

In addition, Activ8 has launched eComm PLUS, a new version of its eCommerce Solution; a website module designed to work with WordPress for better aesthetic integration, created by the company’s in-house web design team.

“It has a lot more visual capabilities,” explains Champ. “For instance, when a customer clicks on a product, the image will fly over to your shopping cart. It’s a much better customer experience – and it looks amazing.”

Continuing to stay abreast of current technologies, Activ8 is launching a cloud version of its POS system, capable of working on any browser that’s connected to the internet.

“You can access it from anywhere,” Champ affirms. “You don’t have to wait for it to upgrade, you don’t have to download it. It’s always available. Even on a cellular network, the system works great. It is the fastest retail experience for both mobile and stationary checkout. It’s the future – and we’re there.”

Champ acknowledges that the alcohol business can be a complicated one and that to run a successful DTC business, there are multiple aspects to consider.

“It would be to everyone’s benefit to check out our website, talk to us, get a demo,” Champ advises. “You don’t want to let so many details fall through the cracks. Starting out with a good software solution that covers all of your bases can really be life changing.”

For more information or to request a demo, go to: activ8commerce.com.

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