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Vineyard Team Receives $100,000 Grant for Online Education Creating Access to Sustainable Viticulture On-Demand


June 20th – Atascadero, CA: Vineyard Team announced today that the organization has been awarded a two-year, nearly $100,000 grant to develop online courses that explore the latest sustainable viticulture practices from Western Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education.

This grant will create an online library featuring experienced farmers, researchers, and Cooperative Extension specialists. Farmers will have immediate access to timely education on habitat, water, energy, soil, recycling, air quality, packaging, pest management, social equity, and business management that they can share with their whole team. 

“When speaking with vineyard professionals about what they need to improve their business, the majority want better accessibility to ongoing education.”, says Vineyard Team Executive Director, Beth Vukmanic. “Online courses will help more farmers gain access to relevant, timely, and actionable education that supports sustainable farming practices”.

Since 1994, Vineyard Team has shared the latest sustainable viticulture practices through field demonstrations, expert presentations, research, and grower-to-grower networking. Today, the organization can capitalize on its large network of growers and successful events to make educational content available to a wider audience. 

Vineyard Team is looking for grant participants now. The first courses launch in Fall of 2023. Participants will have free access to the full library of courses and quizzes. Courses include a train-the-trainer kit to help participants educate their team members. Many courses provide DPR and CCA continuing education hours. And participants will have the opportunity to share their experiences at two virtual round tables. Email hayli@vineyardteam.org to get on the list. 

In-person events aren’t always available when the farmer is. This exciting project gives more farmers access to sustainable viticulture education enabling them to learn about topics that actually impact their business. 

About Vineyard Team

Vineyard Team is a 501(c)3 non-profit grower group dedicated to sustainable winegrowing since 1994. For nearly 30 years, Vineyard Team has built a network of over 300 local farmers, educating and guiding them toward sustainable vineyard practices.



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