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Innovative Winemaking Services Distributor Develops Enological Solutions to Meet Climate Change Crisis


“We know the climate is changing, we see it every day. A lot of work needs to be done to reduce our impact. But what we need is a solution right now to make premium wine with the conditions we have.”

So says Eglantine Chauffour, the Enology Director for Bucher Vaslin North America (B.V.N.A.), the premier provider of a comprehensive range of products and services for the winemaking industry throughout the U.S., Canada, and beyond.

B.V.N.A. is the go-to source for premium winemaking solutions for the complete production process, including Lamothe-Abiet enological products, Cazaux pumps, Costral bottling and labeling lines, technical services, and Bucher Vaslin pressing and reception equipment.

According to Chauffour, the climate crisis is having real-world effects on vineyards around the globe, which impacts the overall sensory characteristics of the resulting fruit.

“It is getting hotter with less water,’ Chauffour explains. “This has consequences for the grapes. They exhibit higher pH, higher sugar levels, different maturities, and less stability with less resistance to the oxidation process. This becomes a challenge for winemakers as consumers are looking for fresher and lighter wines.”

Lamothe-Abiet has developed four distinct enological solutions that provide essential tools to address the complexities of the winemaking process in a shifting environment:

  • Excellence XFRESH – a natural way to refresh wine, increase acidity, and decrease alcohol content. Excellence XFRESH is a non-saccharomyces yeast, Lachancea thermotolerans. It metabolizes sugar to produce lactic acid, thus increasing the acidity and wine freshness. Lactic acid gives balance, freshness, and smoothness to wine. Excellence XFRESH can be used as a first inoculation, followed by the inoculation of a fermenting Saccharomyces 1-2 days after to complete fermentation and stop the production of lactic acid. The time between Excellence XFRESH and Saccharomyces depends on the effect wanted and the temperature of the musts.
  • OENOZYM THIOLS – a specific enzyme to help release thiolic precursors not yet expressed. It boosts aromatic freshness and complexity. It can increase tropical, citrus, and fresh fruit characteristics in whites. In reds, it increases red fruits, berries, and black currant notes. It can be added 4-6 ml/hL during fermentation or aging. Samples are available.
  • AROMA PROTECT – a yeast derivative rich in Glutathione, used to boost the natural anti-oxidant potential of the wine. The wine will be more expressive for extended periods. Free SO2 maintains stability with fewer adjustments needed. Recommended application is 10-20 g/hL after fermentation.
  • OPTIESTERS – a yeast nutrient that gives aromatic precursors to the yeast to produce fruitier, fresher, more expressive wines. OPTIESTERS should be added at the beginning of the fermentation when the yeast can best assimilate it to produce esters and acetates aromas. Recommended application is 20-30 g/hL.

“Our focus at B.V.N.A. is the purity of our products and finding different, creative solutions for our clients in a complicated industry facing these dynamic conditions,” Chauffour affirms. “We want to be a true partner by helping winemakers on this journey.”

Bucher Vaslin North American will be hosting a webinar on June 6th to discuss how climate change affects vineyards, grapes, and wines’ compositions, resulting in higher alcohol content, lower acidity, higher pH, and riper aromas in wines. To register for the webinar, visit here.

For more information and orders, contact Eglantine Chauffour at eglantine.chauffour@buchervaslin.com.

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