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Self-serve Wine Bar in Kansas City Offers Rare Wine by the Ounce


April 25, 2023 — For wine enthusiasts, getting their hands on a rare bottle of wine can be a rewarding yet expensive experience. It’s even rarer for a wine lover to get the opportunity to taste an expensive vintage by the ounce. But one self-serve wine bar in Kansas City is changing all that.

Visitors to Sail Away Wine in North Kansas City, Missouri, have the opportunity to try the latest release of the cult favorite Sine Qua Non wine by the ounce. This California wine made from a blend of Rhône grape varietals, has become so desired that people often sit on a waiting list for nine years before they can buy it. What makes it unique is that each new bottle and each new vintage is given a new name, label and bottle shape.

The Kansas City region only receives 10 bottles of Sine Qua Non each year. Because Sail Away Wine is one of the top wine focused restaurants in the area, for the second year in a row, it has received two bottles of the area’s allocation and is offering the limited release to taste by the ounce at its self-serve wine bar. As far as we know, Sail Away is the only place in the Midwest where people can taste this wine by the ounce. 



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