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Afternoon Brief, April 21st

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The Wine Industry Remains Resilient
This year’s OIV estimates a look into the industry’s challenging state. From the USA overtaking Germany as the world’s largest wine importer, to China’s wine market continuing its decline…
M. A. Silva USA
Countdown to Success: 11 Ways to Invite New and Young Wine Lovers to the Table
Attracting a more diverse and younger cohort of repeat customers requires creative thinking…
Wine Industry Network
The 2023 Edition of Wine Future Will Explore New Topics and Address Current Challenges
Wine Future was born in 2009 with the inaugural event in Rioja, Spain— a response to the global economic recession from which the international wine industry was looking for opportunities…
Better Late Than Never: California Growers Get Full Allocations
This will be the first time since 2006 that SWP contractors get 100%…
Special Report for Prowein Business Survey 2022
OIV: State of the World Vine and Wine Sector in 2022
The Association of African American Vintners Awards First Wine Entrepreneur Grants
How Much Longer Will Inflation Plague Farmers?
The King of Cabernet: Napa Valley’s Rise to Wine Stardom
Jackson Family Wines CEO Shares Ways to Cultivate Diversity, Conference Highlights Post-Pandemic DTC Landscape
E. & J. Gallo Winery Continues Their Leadership and Innovation in Sustainability with the Release of Their 2023 ESG Report
4 Years and Nearly €4 Million to Find a Solution for Esca
Tuscany Wine Producer Uses NASA Know-How to Combat Climate Change in the Vineyards
These South African Black Winemakers Are Reclaiming Stolen Legacies
Is It Time to Give Multi-Vintage Still White Wines a Chance?
Outside Sales Representative
Andwin Scientific – California, USA
USA Winery Opportunities and Visa Services
Hospitality & Tasting Room Manager
Woodward Canyon Winery – Lowden, WA, USA
More Wine Industry Jobs
The Business of Wine for Sommeliers
April 25 – Webinar
The State of Beverage Alcohol Tax Compliance
May 4 – Webinar
SoCoBA Lunch & Live Auction
May 5 – Healdsburg, CA
Wine Industry Sales Symposium
May 11 – Santa Rosa, CA
Enartis USA
Oregon State Researchers Make Breakthrough in Understanding the Chemistry of Wildfire Smoke in Wine
Vineyard Worker Killed in Industrial Accident Near San Miguel
Turning the Tables on Paul Hodgins and Naushad Huda
Women for WineSense Winemaking & Viticulture Roundtable Presents “Compelling Story Telling – Connecting with New Wine Consumers and Culture,” Wednesday, April 26, 2023
Jackson Family Wines Finalises Acquisition of Blue Grouse
Archaeologists Uncover Elaborate Ancient Winery Among Roman Ruins
Napa County Fight over Le Colline Vineyard to Continue
Breakthru Beverage Group Closes Acquisition of Wine Warehouse
Running Dry: Groundwater Depletion Expert Says California Water Crisis Urgently Needs State Action
Research Shows Prosecco Is a Grape Variety, Not a Geographical Region
Second Listening Session on Nutritional Labeling
The Carbon Economy and Vineyards – What’s the Status Quo?
Locals Want to Keep It Secret—But at What Cost? This California Wine Region Is at a Crossroads
1 + 1 = 3: Winemakers and Industry Innovators Reap the Benefits of Working Together
Napa Valley Vintner Manfred Esser’s Obituary
Wine Industry Sales Symposium
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