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2023 Napa Valley Grower of the Year Announced


Garrett Buckland of Premier Viticultural Services

NAPA, CA (April 21, 2023) – Garrett Buckland has been honored with the 2023 Napa Valley Grower of the Year award. Buckland is a partner at Premiere Viticultural Services, a vineyard consulting company based in Napa. 

Photo by Suzanne Becker Bronk

As an active member of the Napa Valley Grapegrowers, for over 10 years he has served on the board of directors in various roles, including past president, vice president, and treasurer, and is a founding member of the Napa Valley Farmworker Foundation. However, his community service goes well-beyond the Napa Valley Grapegrowers. He serves on the Groundwater Sustainability Plan Advisory Committee, volunteers for the Napa Resources Conservations District, where he surveyed Huichica Creek, Dry Creek, and Sulphur Creek, sits on the Clean Plant Material Advisory Board, is past president of the Napa Valley Vit Tech Group, is past conference chair of the Association of Applied IPM Ecologists, and worked on the Napa River Historical Ecology Project. He is a passionate advocate for sustainable farming and has successfully converted over 500 acres of vineyards from conventional to organic farming.

In 2002, Buckland and Steve Matthiasson joined forces to create Premiere Viticultural Services. As a partner of the business, Garrett works with landowners in the development of their properties. His goal is to help them advance farming practices and works with winemakers to elevate wine quality. In his “free time”, Garrett has published dozens of articles to the Napa Valley Register, plus viticultural best practices papers for the Napa Valley Grapegrowers, and is often cited for television, print, and radio regarding the growing season.

NVG President Mary Maher noted, “I couldn’t be more excited to recognize Garrett Buckland as our 2023 Grower of the Year. His commitment to this organization and the future of Napa Valley grape growing is second to none. We need more next generation leaders like Garrett, he’s an asset to the community, and motivates us to continually do better.”

Buckland was born and raised in the Napa Valley. He continues to dedicate his career to pursuing viticultural excellence, and is a vocal advocate for agriculture, the Napa Valley Grapegrowers, and the Napa Valley as a whole.

Garrett is an avid outdoorsman, with an interest in fly fishing, hunting, bird watching, and gardening. He and his wife, Nathalie, live in Napa with their two children, Juliette, and Marten.

Nominations for the Grower of the Year come from the NVG membership. The recipient is chosen by a special Selection Committee made up of Past Presidents, current Directors, and active committee members. The award criteria include: a strong commitment to sustainable practices; recognized leadership in agricultural preservation; dedicated community focus, contributions to the Napa Valley Grapegrowers; and someone who actively promotes Napa’s reputation for the highest quality vineyards.

About the Napa Valley Grapegrowers

The Napa Valley Grapegrowers is a non-profit trade organization that has played a vital role in strengthening Napa Valley’s reputation as a world-class viticultural region for 46 years. Its mission is to cultivate viticultural excellence and environmental stewardship for the Napa Valley. NVG represents 685 Napa County grape growers, vineyard managers, and associated businesses.

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