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Mill Keeper Wine Brand Quickly Gains Traction and Expands to 12 New Markets


(March 30, 2023; Napa, Calif.)—The Mill Keeper is pleased to announce the introduction of the recently-launched portfolio of wines into 12 new markets across the continental United States. This news comes less than a year after the brand’s official launch in April of 2022 and marks exciting growth for the multi-vintage brand.

“In this past year, young wine drinkers have responded extremely well to The Mill Keeper’s forward-thinking, multi vintage approach. We are seeing an exciting amount of demand well above our growth projections and we can’t wait to introduce The Mill Keeper to these new markets,” says Founder Tom Gamble.

The Mill Keeper is already distributed in California, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Nashville and Chattanooga, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Wisconsin. The winery is excited to introduce new partnerships with the following distributors:

“We work with distributors that value our family-owned, sustainable ethos at The Mill Keeper,” says National Sales Manager Kristin Hamlin. “We are thrilled to have new partners on board to further our mission of bringing accessible and environmentally driven California wines to dinner tables across the country.”

The Mill Keeper is a proud sponsor of the National Parks Conservation Association which supports broad conservation efforts and advocates for solutions that protect national parks and communities from the effects of climate change. The Mill Keeper’s flagship wines are The Mill Keeper Cabernet Sauvignon MV ($25) and The Mill Keeper Chardonnay MV ($24). Other wines from The Mill Keeper portfolio include the 2019 Red Wine ($30), The Mill Keeper 2020 White Wine ($25) and The Mill Keeper 2022 Rosé ($21).

About The Mill Keeper

The Mill Keeper was founded in 2021 and is inspired by the history of Napa’s early wine industry pioneers of the mid 1800’s. The brand embodies these pioneers’ enduring spirit and the desire to bring the virtues of their dedication and the resulting agrarian bounty of Californian vineyards to consumers in the United States and globally. Prioritizing sourcing from generational vineyards with sustainable land management programs, The Mill Keeper strives to give a second life to smaller, overlooked sites with the goal of preserving the state’s agricultural space and creating high-quality, environmentally conscious wine at a value. Taking inspiration from Champagne and Port, where vintages are blended to create consistently beautiful bottlings, The Mill Keeper produces multi-vintage still wines at a price of $25 and under.



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