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It’s Time to Revolutionize Your Wine Marketing!


Do you want to skyrocket your sales and accelerate customers’ brand loyalty? What if you could track in-store purchase behavior and consistently grow your consumer base month-over-month? Would you jump on the chance?

NeuroTags, a market-leading consumer engagement and data technology company, enables you to build and monetize a direct marketing channel between your brand and customers.

NeuroTags offers an omnichannel QR solution that allows companies to capture in-store and online customer information and interact with them on a personal level to exponentially grow repeat sales.

It works through serialized codes, specific to each wine bottle, giving shoppers detailed product information at POS to influence their purchase decision and, once purchased, it provides loyalty reward points or an optional “enter-to-win” contest to facilitate long term engagement.

“We know there is a disconnect between brands and customers due to distribution disintermediation,” explains NeuroTags Managing Director Harvey Bondar. “We can help them break through that barrier to create a usable database of their brands’ actual buyers. We do this by attracting consumers with loyalty points or contests – both of which we support – no app needed. Consumers simply provide their contact information, email or phone, enabling brands to use our automated marketing system to drive lifetime customer revenue. These techniques are proven across virtually all demographics.”

Bondar says the ROI is fast and impressive.

He reports that businesses using NeuroTags have seen their sales jump within the first month, and average annual revenues increase by over 12%.

“Consumers love it,” Bondar asserts. “They can get info on what wine goes best with salmon, watch a video, or get links to social media. And wineries have the chance to personally connect with their customers for targeted, managed marketing campaigns that can be completely automated. This technology is incredibly flexible and effective. The possibilities are endless.”

Bondar emphasizes that the primary benefits of NeuroTags include the ability to:

  • Sign up and grow your consumer database
  • Track consumer purchase behavior to maximize marketing efficacy
  • Exponentially increase repeat sales
  • Lock-in brand loyalty
  • Protect against brand counterfeiting through unique tracking technology capabilities

For more information on Neuro Tags, to see a demo or to explore no-cost trial opportunities, go to: www.neurotags.com.

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