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Top 5 Considerations When Choosing a Wine Fulfillment Solution


When selecting a wine fulfillment company to partner with there are several factors to consider. Wineries are looking for a reliable and trustworthy solution that moves shipments quickly, can offer personalization, can keep excellent track of their inventory, and keeps customers informed of their shipments. Let’s look into these considerations more closely.

Do they move shipments quickly?

A wine fulfillment service needs to enable clients to ship with speed, care, and accuracy. Consumers’ expectations are increasing for fast, reliable shipments. Implementing a same-day order cutoff that’s as late as possible means shipments will be delivered quickly and consumers will be happy. A fulfillment company with bi-coastal warehouses will enable your wine to reach the majority of U.S. wine consumers quickly via ground shipping.

Are they able to handle personalized wine shipments?

Consumers expect personalized shipments and unique unboxing experiences. Customize the unboxing experiences with branded toppers, gift packs, inserts, and more.

Are you and your consumers able to track shipments?

Wineries need to be able to keep their consumers informed of shipment status, so look for a fulfillment partner that can help you track orders and inventory in real time.

Does the fulfillment partner move quickly and accurately, and do they tightly control your winery’s inventory?

Shipments need to move quickly, and they also need to be accurate. When warehousing and fulfillment is handing orders, the accuracy rate needs to be as close to 100% as possible. Inventory controls are also extremely important. Your wine is very valuable, and you want a partner who tracks each bottle closely. Look for a solution with excellent customer service and a dedicated account manager.

Does your warehouse understand wine?

Select a fulfillment partner that understands how to treat wine in a way that will maintain quality. Look for a facility that utilizes a cool, stable, cave-like environment, and has a place for longer-term wine storage. Temperature-controlled solutions should be available year-round.

A Solution Worth Considering

WineDirect sets the standard in wine fulfillment, allowing clients to address these considerations and more.

  • Track orders and inventory in real-time through a newly upgraded online portal
  • Customize unboxing experiences with branding toppers, gift packs, and more
  • Utilize a cool, stable, cave-like environment, including longer-term wine storage
  • Accuracy rate of 99.9%
  • 1pm same-day order cutoff – the latest in the industry
  • Excellent customer service with a dedicated account manager
  • Bicoastal warehouses to enable wineries to reach 9% of US wine consumers within 2 days via ground shipping
  • Temperature-controlled solutions available year-round
  • We offset 100% of the carbon footprint of our fulfillment clients’ packages!

And now, just in time for holiday shipping, WineDirect continues to invest in systems ensuring the best customer experience, including:

  • The implementation of a newly upgraded cloud-hosted warehouse management system (WMS) with a modern UI for end-users, enhanced reporting and analytics, and new integration capabilities to seamlessly integrate new features deployed anywhere within their system.
  • A new portal that includes new Advanced Weather Hold functionality and a new inter-center transfer function allowing wineries to transfer wine between our facilities with real-time visibility throughout the transfer process.

WineDirect enables clients to ship faster with industry-leading speed, care, and accuracy.

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