Afternoon Brief, July 22nd

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Despite Fires, Wine’s Glass Still Half Full
Although the vintage is likely to take a hit, it remains unlikely that the European fires will lead to a global wine shortage…
M. A. Silva USA
Turning the Tables on Cathy Huyghe
Cathy Huyghe is a writer, entrepreneur and mindfulness proponent. She writes about the business and politics of the wine industry in her column for Forbes online…
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Napa Wine Tasting Fees Are More Than Twice as Expensive as 6 Years Ago. Here’s Why
‘Elevated’ wine tasting in Napa now costs $82 per person on average, data shows. Yet even as inflation is pushing wine prices even higher, customers seem happy to keep paying…
How Lower Euro Value Helps, Hurts Wine Country Businesses
It’s good news for U.S. travelers and companies. It costs less to travel to Europe and buy products from there…
2022 Sonoma County Wine Auction to Be Held at Chalk Hill Estate Vineyards & Winery
Napa County Approves Jericho Canyon Vineyard Winery Expansion Under Amnesty Program
In Bad Times and Good, California Wine Business Remains a Solid Play
Winemakers Lost Billions to Wildfires, but a Startup Can Now Save Smoky Grapes
ASEV-Eastern Section Meets in Minnesota
Sprawling Ranch Offers Wine-Making Potential Along Mexico’s Golden Corridor
A Year on from Restrictions Lifting, US on Premise Keeps Pace with Summer 2021
TTB Issues Chemist Certifications for Spring 2022
Champagne 2022 Harvest: Yield Set Is Highest in Over a Decade
Pomerol Granted Permission for ‘Exceptional’ Irrigation
Wildfire Leaves Sense of “Total Destruction”, Spanish Winemaker Says
Senior Sales Representative
BarrelWise Technologies – California, USA
Instructor, Winemaking Certificate Program
UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education – Davis, CA, USA
Sales Director
A Toast to You – Santa Rosa, CA, USA
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International Bulk Wine and Spirits Show – San Francisco
July 26-27 – San Francisco, CA
Growing Forward: Vineyard & Grower Virtual Conference
July 27 – Webinar
Understanding the Importance of Tax Credits for Your Business
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Now Is the Time for Better Images for Your Winery
August 11 – Webinar
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August 24 – Webinar
Gusmer Enterprises
Foley Family Wines Acquires Silverado Vineyards
Patent Lawsuit Against Gallo by Vineyard Investigations May Be Nearing End
Wildfires Rage Across Wine-Growing Southwestern France, Arson Suspected
Mexican Beauty Queen, Romanian-Dutch Man Arrested After Chase Across Europe Over $1.7 Million Wine Theft
Napa’s Latest Vineyard Deal Comes with a Shocking Price Tag: $0
Edible Coats Possible to Keep Smoke Off Wine Grapes
Mergers and Acquisitions Aren’t Stopping. But Could They Slow Down?
California Could Soon Add a New Fee to Wine and Liquor Bottles
Ridge Legend Brings Montebello Magic to Napa
Wine Enthusiast Decision Has More than a Few States Feeling Left Out
Rethinking TTB’s Standards of Fill Regulations
Napa Valley’s Seven Stones Winery and Estate for Sale for $34 Million
Direct Wine Shipping Comes Under Fire
The Unexpected Ingredient in This $275 Napa Wine: S.F. Bay Water
The 24 Best Canned Wine Releases of 2022