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Fermentation Management Significantly Eased Through the Use of Innovative Liquid Yeast Nutrient


Winemakers have long recognized that careful yeast management and nutrition programs are central to the success or failure of the fermentations and resulting wines crafted under their care.

Thanks to scientific and technological advancements, problems with “sluggish” or “stuck” fermentation or off-flavor development due to vitamin or specific amino acid deficiency can be addressed using dedicated, targeted yeast-derived nutrients. These products can provide a balanced source of macro and micronutrients to the yeast. They can also help to develop fermentative aromas, varietal aromas, and mouthfeel in all wines.

“What is good for the yeast is actually in the yeast, but not all products on the market are equal,” says Anne Flesch, Fermentis Technical Sales Support Manager for the Americas. “Their fermentative power can be significantly different depending on their composition. We’ve seen that the form of the product can modulate its performance.”

Yeast nutrients based on yeast derivatives have typically come in powder form, requiring the extra step of dispersion in water and, sometimes, unsafe handling practices in the cellar, as well as dust inhalation.

Happily, for the worldwide winemaking community Fermentis, a business unit of Lesaffre Group, which has been a global leader in the research and development of fermentation products for the food, biotechnology, and beverage industries for nearly 170 years, has developed a creative solution known as ViniLiquid™.

ViniLiquid™ is the first-ever liquid yeast nutrient 100% yeast-derived developed specifically to aid the fermentation in all types of musts, even the most deficient.  ViniLiquid™ is based on highly autolyzed yeasts and provides organic nitrogen (free amino acids and small peptides), survival factors, vitamins, detoxifying capacities, and support to the yeast itself.

Its unique, concentrated liquid form is particularly convenient for users, pumpable for automatic supply to large fermenters (210 kg format) or easy to measure for manual additions to small fermenters (6 or 12 kg jerrycans). ViniLiquid™ is part of a growing group of products certified E2U™ (Easy-to-use) by Fermentis.

ViniLiquid™ has also proven to be highly beneficial for wineries facing operational time management issues. It is recommended for wineries looking to automatize wine operations, optimize labor management during harvest and improve wine quality standards.

Trials have demonstrated that ViniLiquid™ can speed up the fermentation process by an average of 10 percent when compared to powder forms of the product with equivalent compositions. “The liquid form of the product allows for a faster availability to the yeast, a stronger yeast population and increased viability,” confirms Flesch.

ViniLiquid™ has been well-reviewed by its growing group of worldwide users:

ViniLiquid™ ensures a complete fermentation each time and gives wine more complexity in terms of aromatic profile and mouthfeel. I use it mainly on Chardonnay and find that it is a ‘cleaner’ nutrient compared to competitive brands. It is very easy to work with and very practical, especially in white wine fermentations in barrels.”
Johnnie Caliz, Winemaker, Glen Carlou Wine Estate, Western Cape South Africa.

To read more Testimonials about ViniLiquid™ visit here and here.

For more information, go to https://fermentis.com and Fermentis catalog.


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