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Innovative Software Platform Providing Purchase to Delivery Compliance Solutions for the Alcohol Beverage Industry


“Our goal is to have e-commerce, shipping, compliance, sales and excise tax reporting rolled into one convenient, user-friendly solution for our clients.” So says Steven Harrison, CEO and Founder of Vinoshipper, the company he co-created in 2006.

The initial idea for Vinoshipper was to develop a software system that simplified the burdensome work of compliance for small craft beverage producers (wine, beer, spirits) across the U.S, says Harrison and with over 2,500 producers now utilizing the platform, the goal of helping these producers is being met.

The unmitigated success of that, as well as customer feedback, prompted Vinoshipper to build additional features into the software package, including Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) sales through e-commerce and club management, the ability to collect and submit tax reports to individual states, and the development of a mobile app for use with iPhones and iPads in the tasting room and while working remotely.

“The DTC consumer market allows small craft producers the possibility of experimenting with new products without having to cope with distribution issues. Millennials are demanding it; we can accommodate them.”

“ Vinoshipper makes such a big difference in how our producers are now able to do business,” Harrison affirms. “They have more time to spend with existing customers and to develop new ones. It’s a huge time saver and worry reducer for them.”

Consider Vinoshipper’s comprehensive capabilities:


  • Age verification (3rd party) electronically performed on all buyers to ensure under-age buyers are unable to purchase
  • License management to increase direct sales by the ability to ship to multiple states while ensuring that every sale is compliant with each state-to-state shipment
  • Tax management, ensuring all sales taxes are calculated and reported based on nine-digit zip codes
  • Auditable from purchase to delivery, all within one application
  • Stays up to date with direct shipping regulations in each state
  • Supplies PCI and ADA compliant shopping cart and club registration

Club Management

  • Provides management services for an unlimited number of clubs and club members
  • All credit cards on file are monitored and updated with the latest expiration dates. Members receive automated messages if their card needs updating
  • Allows producers the option of allowing members to customize (add or change) the contents of their release.
  • Club releases are run in batches and can combine shipping and pick up orders while doing compliance checks, calculating shipping and taxes all in real time.


  • Easy set up for shopping carts and online club registration for individual websites
  • Complete credit card processing
  • Sales taxes are calculated for each order’s destination in real time, using the nine-digit zip code
  • Custom discounts by price or quantity can be easily set
  • Online and manual orders via phone can be placed directly in the account
  • Full customer reports, including purchase histories, are included
  • Order tracking through Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Facebook Pixel Tracking are available
  • Integrations to third party applications are available
  • iPhone and iPad POS recently added for enhanced, mobile sales capabilities

Customer Service

Vinoshipper provides customer service seven days a week, which includes:

  • Shipping & Delivery Management
  • Club Support
  • Damages Management
  • Technical Support
  • Complimentary Training

Last month, Vinoshipper launched an innovative app for iPhones and iPads that allows clients to place orders, track shipments, and add customers as club members, from any remote location or the tasting room.

In addition, Vinoshipper is poised to take advantage of the regulatory changes involving distilled spirits as more states, including California, open their markets.

For more information, please visit vinoshipper.com.


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