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TerraviewOS – Traceability for Data Driven Viticulture


Managing a vineyard is no easy feat! Constant pressure on lowering operating cost, personnel and pesticide regulations, water use documentation and countless other factors make managing a successful vineyard almost impossible in the absence of data collection & tracking tool.

Tracking time & productivity of on-ground personnel along with usage of machinery, chemicals & fertilizers adds to the administrative job of an already overburdened vineyard manager – one can only imagine how time consuming it is to collect & track data by using spreadsheets (at best) or pen and paper. Therefore, having a software system to collect & track data is no longer a luxury but a necessity. It will give vineyard managers the much-needed time to do jobs that really matter because 95% of the improvements that can directly impact the quality of wine are made in vineyards.

The difference between a successful and unsuccessful season is greatly influenced by the decisions made by vineyard managers. Here, technology can play a critical role in helping them make better, data backed decision. Data driven viticulture assumes greater significance in these tough times when maximizing profit is a struggle due to increasing operating cost. 

TerraviewOS – a unified vineyard management platform will equip vineyard managers to track all vineyard activities, productivity, and profitability – the overall health of the vineyard. TerraviewOS enables end-to-end traceability with hassle free data collection & tracking of personnel, machinery & material (chemicals & fertilisers).

TerraviewOS Traceability module is packed with features designed to:

Centralise data collection

Offline methods of data collection on spreadsheets or in notebooks result in data silos with limited means to collate or correlate data. It is also susceptible to loss or damage with passage of time or change in personnel. TerraviewOS is the perfect alternative with a mobile app-based hassle-free data collection.

Monitor operating cost        

In these tough times, increasing profitability and reducing operating cost is easier said than done. It requires detailed cost monitoring at both activity & block level. TerraviewOS enables end-to-end traceability of personnel, machinery & material cost which can be used for resource optimisation. 

Improve personnel management

Recording personnel time details using time cards or other traditional means is prone to inaccuracies and is inefficient. This results in loss of productivity. TerraviewOS eliminates the need for time keeping via traditional means. In addition to this, TerraviewOS offers live personnel tracking and detailed activity & block level time records.

Collect accurate scouting data

Traditionally, vineyard managers scout the vineyard and note down observations in a field notebook. With passing time, paper-based records either become illegible or get misplaced and the same time is hard to retrieve. This results in loss of priceless historical information. TerraviewOS has a mobile app-based hassle free data collection solution. The solution comes enabled with voice notes & real time disease detection with geo tagging.

Save time

In absence of a unified vineyard management platform like TerraviewOS, vineyard managers spend a lot of their valuable time in doing administrative work. This often results in delays & oversights in the decision. TerraviewOS offers a simple, hassle free & efficient means of data collection, tracking & visualisation thus saving time.

With TerraviewOS’ unmatched end-to-end traceability solution, vineyard managers can embrace data driven viticulture and benefit from powerful business intelligence.

For more information on TerraviewOS go to https://www.terraview.co/.

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