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New Launches and Expanded Portfolio Growing G3 as a Full Service Supply Chain Provider


G3 is a wine industry leader providing oak products, integrated packaging, and logistics solutions with a drive for innovation and process improvement that benefits customers through a creative line of products, technical and logistic capabilities.

Phenesse Oak Alternatives and Now Premium Barrels

G3’s portfolio of Phenesse™ oak alternatives were designed to give winemakers complete control over their winemaking styles with a variety of tank staves, petite squares, and chips, and at the Unified Wine and Grape Symposium G3 completed their oak portfolio with the launch of Phenesse French Bordeaux oak barrels.

The launch of Phenesse premium barrels means that G3 is now able to serve the oak needs of all wineries.

Phenesse French oak barrels are developed in collaboration with a world renowned cooperage and the premium oak is sourced from sustainably managed forests in France. The barrels are toasted using the traditional wood fire method and produce three toast levels.

  • Phenesse Medium – French oak barrel that adds volume and creamy sensations to the wine.
  • Phenesse Tradition – French oak barrel that adds length and roundness to the wine.
  • Phenesse Supreme – French oak barrel that adds volume, structure, and length to the wine.

G3 has barrels in-stock and ready to ship in California. Phenesse barrels are stored in food grade warehouses to reduce lead times and eliminate supply chain disruptions.

To extend the life and use of barrels, G3 can also closely match the profile of your existing barrel profile with oak alternatives.

Packaging – Range and Reliability

G3 offers a full range of quality packaging solutions to the industry with a reliable supply chain planning in place. Supply Chains stability and logistics management has been a huge topic and will continue to be a crucial factor for the wine manufacturing. G3 is leveraging their unique capabilities and supplier management to secure supply for customers and have the ability to move products nationwide with multiple warehouses.

One of the big pushes at the 2022 Unified Wine and Grape Symposium is their new bright white paper stock.

Sierra White

G3’s Sierra White™ proprietary label stock was developed to pop on the shelf with unsurpassed brilliancy and excellent durability that preserves the integrity of the label in cold and wet environments.

The stock is produced at a domestic paper mill with fiber from responsibly managed forests. In addition to its white brilliancy and 96 brightness, it offers great color reproduction and can be used for a variety of printing techniques. G3 label has facilities in El Dorado Hills, Modesto, and Napa, and offers offset, flexo graphic, or digital printing on Sierra White, shortening and securing supply chains for G3 Label customers.


Being good stewards of the environment is important to G3. Sierra White was made with chlorine free fiber processing, using certified renewable wind power, and ISO certified environmental management. For a more sustainable paper stock, GTREE is made from 100% post-consumer waste and can be combined with EarthCoating to enhance wet strength with environmentally friendly materials.

G3 Label Division also offers printing techniques that reduce waste. Instead of using high waste foils, G3 has developed GINK with a metallic sheen that emulates the appearance of foil on the label while reducing waste.

G3 Label Division is a full-service provider of customized, premium quality pressure-sensitive, cut-and-stack, and digital labels. They also offer stock and custom caps and capsules. Rooted in the wine industry, G3’s label team has a great understanding of specific requirements and collaborative processes to make premium wine labels.

Diemme Vibro-Select Wave Motion Destemmer, Distributed by ColloPack, a G3 Company

Also introduced at the Unified Symposium was the new Diemme Vibro-Select which is designed for processing small batches of high-end grapes. The destemmer is very gentle, using a wave motion and easily adjustable rollers to keep from breaking stems and effectively separating grapes of any variety.

The speed is adjustable to process from zero to 12 tons per hour, and it is designed for easy cleaning with exposed components that can be pressure washed and spray sanitized to reduce labor.

If you missed these new products and would like to learn more or have a one-on-one presentation, contact G3, www.G3enterprises.com.

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