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A Browser-Based Back-Office to Manage the Simplest to the Most Robust DTC Wine Sales Programs


For 18 years, Activ8 Commerce has delivered a robust, end-to-end DTC sales system specifically for wineries. Its database application has always been accessed via remote desktop to give users more powerful control of their consumer and sales data.

In 2021, driven by user request, Activ8 Commerce went a step further and launched a browser-based back-office interface to bring familiarity and ease-of-use to the system.

This year, Activ8 Commerce is excited to exhibit our new web browser back-office environment that is intuitive and more easily learned. It provides a more complete solution, requiring fewer third-party apps to market, sell, ship and manage the simplest to the most robust DTC wine sales programs.

Activ8 Commerce by Active Club Solutions Inc.
Unified Symposium Booth: 1308

Founded in 2003, Active Club Solutions, Inc. got its start in wine club software and has been building on market requests ever since.

Our Company Mission: To provide a single and comprehensive sales platform for firms selling direct to consumer.

Today we offer Activ8 Commerce.  This end-to-end solution includes direct sales software for specialty retail and tasting rooms, clubs, eCommerce, digital marketing, fulfillment, shipping, inventory, and accounting.  It has truly become an entire commerce solution working as a single data-driven platform.

Our commitment to developing and continually improving our sales software and service has made us a leading and well-respected provider of direct sales software.

Our diverse team brings a well-rounded understanding of the unique challenges that face consumer-direct businesses today, building into the success of our clients.

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