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A Connected Wine Culture Empowered by Knowledge

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bottlevin logoWe believe in the clarity of knowledge. It is said “knowledge is power,” and we embrace this mantra. We all crave knowledge. Being “in the know” empowers us.  Through knowledge choices can be informed – and clear.

At our core, this is our mission – to enable and empower you with the clarity of knowledge.

Selecting a wine can be a daunting experience. Unless you have made the study of wine a major priority in your life the whole process can become tedious instead of enjoyable as it should be.

We are changing this. By putting the knowledge of experts for the wine in your hand, you’ll find yourself turning to BottleVin to select the perfect wine, connect with the winemakers, and discover the stories that are behind every bottle.

For our vintner partners: we believe all that goes into every bottle of wine – the fruit, passion, terroir and stories – is what makes each of you a singular artisan. You are not a faceless part of the wine industry, but individuals whose distinct interpretation of varietal and blend is reflected in every bottle. Through BottleVin, we will connect you with those who drink and enjoy your craft – to tell your stories and share the passion like never before.

WIN Expo Booth: 434

BottleVin Connects Producers to Consumers

  • Product information to the consumer at the most opportune moment – when it’s relevant and contextual
  • Deliver content for achieving any branding, awareness, sales & loyalty goals
  • Real time updates keep content fresh – eliminate stale and costly printed materials
  • Data feedback – gain consumer insights at a granular level to effectively engage and analyze markets

WIN Expo Featured Exhibitors by Category:

Business Management

Human Resources






Production Services


Tasting Room




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