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Vivelys Innovations Support Sustainable Viticulture and Winemaking

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To reveal the best of each vintage and the perfect aromatic balance, Vivelys draws on unparalleled expertise in harvest planning and the interaction between wine, oak and oxygen, to help their customers make the right decisions at the right time.

Climate change is a source of uncertainty for winegrowers all over the world, and Vivelys has decided to act. Not only can their precision oenological practices help mitigate harvest variance and produce consistent quality wines, they are implementing new technologies to make their solutions more sustainable through three commitments:

100% PEFC Certified Oak Products

Vivelys’ high-end oenological oak products are made from 100% French oak exclusively from PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) sustainably managed forests.

100% Solar Energy Toasted Staves and Barrel Inserts

Vivelys is the first in the sector to fully transition to use exclusively renewable energy for toasting their oak products. They made this shift in 2020.

Continue to Aggressively Reduce Environmental Impact

Vivelys is committed to reducing their environmental impact by -16% in 2025 and -28% in 2030. To achieve this they have created the SAEVE plan, which identifies priorities from energy transition to transport optimization that will reach these goals and have begun implementation.

Karine Herrewyn – Managing Director: Graduate from the French business school ESSCA, Karine Herrewyn began her career at Saint-Gobain-Emballage, where she acquired a solid knowledge of the different vineyards and wine industry players in France and Europe for 10 years. Since September 2017, Karine Herrewyn has spearheaded Vivelys’ mission to continue the development of innovative and exclusive technologies serving sustainable and more precise oenological practices, to support winemakers to reveal the best of their wines.

Boisé® Premium Oak Products

Thanks to a rigorous selection process, the sorting of raw oak material, and Vivelys’ knowledge of the oak compounds, Boisé® oak products overcome the natural variability of the oak to create unique, precise, and repeatable toast profiles. These toast profiles make it possible to reinforce the intensity of the fruit, the freshness, the volume in the mouth, and of course to bring more or less toasted notes depending on the type of wine sought.

Boisé inserts, staves, and oak chips are distributed by G3 Enterprises in the United States. For more technical information, please contact G3 Enterprises.

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