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Afternoon Brief, October 27th

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WSWA’s Sipsource Latest Channel Shifting Index (CSI) Sees On-Premise Recovery “Back On” in September after a Brief Stall in August
Incomparable data sheds light on off- and on-premise channel changes at the product segment level – nationally and in U.S. regions…
M. A. Silva USA
How to Boost Wine Club Membership
How can you drive value for out-of-city, out-of-state, or even out-of-country members who can’t take advantage of your member benefits? | WIA Expert Editorial by Zach Kamphuis, general manager, Commerce7…
Red wine
Research Team Working to Update Decades-Old Vineyard Nutrition Guidelines, Improve Grape Tissue Sampling
Vineyard soils require adequate nutrients for growing healthy grapes, but testing plants for nutrients is a cumbersome, outdated process that takes considerable time and effort…
Sonoma County Wineries Are Leading the Way in the Emerging DtC Market
The dramatic shift to online shipping that emerged in the United States during the 2020 pandemic altered many of the dynamics in the alcohol market, ones that are most pronounced in the wine market…
Opponents of Napa’s Walt Ranch Vineyard Project Appeal Climate-Mitigation Plan Approval
Silver Oak Winery CEO: Pandemic Spurred ‘Flight to Quality’
Acquire-Wine.Com Bets on Michelin-Star Quality Virtual Meals with Wine Pairings
The “Latinx State of the Wine Industry” Concludes with a Successful Inaugural Summit and Reveals the Nonprofit Organization Benefiting from Event Proceeds
School of Port Launches ‘the Essentials’ – A Dynamic Online Video Course About Port and the Douro
Turrentine Market Update, October 2021
UK Budget: Alcohol Duty Overhaul May Benefit Sparkling Wine
Cava Completes an Excellent Harvest with Over 330,000 Tons of Grapes
Why Chinese Companies Are Investing in French Wine and German Robots
Russia to Delay Champagne Label Law by Two Months: France
The World’s Best Value Cabernets
Is This Wine Any Good? The Five Most Important Structural Components to Know
Wine Journalism Takes a Turn for the Better
Malolactic Fermentation Boosts Buttery, Creamy Characteristics of Wine … Sometimes
Sommelier Roundtable: Desert Island Wine Picks
Quinta da Fonte Souto Branco—A Taste of Alentejo’s Portalegre
Beverage Trade Network
Import Customer Service Wine Logistics
Gori USA – Napa, CA, USA
Marketing Manager
Recruiting Associates Network – California, USA
Regional Vineyard Manager
Apical Texas – Texas, USA
More Wine Industry Jobs
Meet Carmel Greenberg, the First Israeli Woman to Be a Head Winemaker in Napa
Winesellers, Ltd. Expands National Accounts Division with New Hire Gary McHargue as Director of National Accounts – West
Wine Stars: Bill and Will Harlan
The “Queen of Sauvignon Blanc” Will See You Now
Trefethen Family Vineyards Appoints Tiffany Kenny as Director of Consumer Sales and Hospitality
Innovative SaaS Company Takes Text Message Marketing to Exciting New Level
Global Package Exhibits New Bottle Collections at WIN Expo 2021
What Is Influencer Marketing: How to Develop Your Strategy?
Considering a New Sales Solution? Think Data-Centric Solution
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Wine Industry Network
The Prisoner Is One of Napa’s Most Popular Wines—It Also Glamorizes Something Ugly: Incarceration
From Vineyard to Tasting Room for Sonoma’s La Prenda
Wine Circle Imports, More Than Just a Wine Importer
Two Distinctive Hill Country Wineries Show Why Texas Wine Month Is Well Worth Celebrating
An Exploration of Napa Cabernet
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