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How Your Wine Label’s Paper Can Influence a Consumer to Buy Your Wine

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Designing a wine label is an intensely personal undertaking for most wineries. The label is your opportunity to communicate the winery’s spirit and your passion for creating a unique product. Relying on the brand logo and information about the wine alone, however, misses a critical opportunity to convey a more emotional message about the quality and uniqueness of your wines.

Words are critical. They can tell the story of your winery and describe the taste of your wine. But emotions can play a role, too.

Once a consumer opens the bottle, the wine’s aroma draws them in through their sense of smell and then, as they take a sip, fully engages them through their sense of taste. The senses evoke visceral responses by engaging the emotions. It is less rational and more intuitive, something they feel in their gut. They simply ‘know’ they like it.

In this same way, the colors and images you use on your label speak to consumers’ sense of sight and the texture of the paper to their sense of touch. Thus, the label connects more directly to their emotions than their cognitive response to words can. Studies have shown that touching a product makes consumers likelier to buy it, and paper textures encourage people to reach out to touch the label, evoking that feeling of ownership.

“That’s why we produce this paper sample swatch book,” says Lee Green, Product Manager, Beverage, Americas. “It’s a good way for brand owners to get a sense of the range of papers available — to see the textures, feel the textures. It also lets designers quickly get a visual check to ensure the look and feel match what they’re trying to accomplish when they’re working on a project.”

UPM Raflatac accompanies the free wine and spirits material guide with a kit containing the latest market insights. There are sample labels made with recycled content and sample labels made with alternative fibers.

The kit includes one of their newer products, Renewal™ hemp papers from Mohawk Fine Papers, a groundbreaking portfolio of papers made from rapidly renewable, sustainable fibers.

UPM Raflatac is well known among businesses that print labels for their high-quality pressure-sensitive label materials. They are leading in sustainability with 90% of the papers they provide to the wine industry being at least FSC certified, ensuring the products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. They also offer many papers that are recycled.

“We provide the best sustainable solutions in the industry,” says Green. “It’s part of our DNA.”

 To get your free swatch book, go to: go.upmraflatac.com

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