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Innovative Equipment and Services Company Zeroes in on Market Trends Toward Low and No Alcohol Beverages


Thirty years ago a company called ConeTech perfected a process known as alcohol removal using thin film vacuum distillation to assist wineries with alcohol level management for tax purposes and “sweet spotting.”

Today, ConeTech has morphed into BevZero, an international leader for low, non-alcoholic and infused beverage innovations across the entire spectrum of the wine, beer, cider and spirits industry to address growing consumer preferences in the drinks business.

“There is a global movement towards the reduction in daily alcohol consumption, as a result of lifestyle changes, governmental regulations and continued medical warnings, and consumers are responding,” confirms Debbie Novograd, BevZero’s CEO. “BevZero was created in 2018 to provide product development, base product sourcing and advisory services to our clients in recognition of this critical trend.”

BevZero has recently announced the consolidation of its services, service locations and equipment distribution which includes:

  • PolarClad, a leading industry tank insulation system provider;
  • The VinFoil Mixer, designed to maximize the efficiencies of cold stabilization and mixing in large volume tanks; and
  • GoLo equipment, offering innovative design and operational capabilities for the high quality dealcoholization of fermented beverages.

BevZero has participated in and assist with the rapid growth of the low and no alcohol wine category, but Novograd notes that while North America is a leader in the growth of low alcohol wines it has been slower than its European counterparts to adopt the no alcohol wine category.  

“We’ve seen the shift to non-alcoholic wines throughout Europe, including entrepreneurs large and small, take advantage of new audience tiers and the expanded opportunities they provide,” Novograd points out. “It’s our goal to help all of our customers throughout Europe and North America recognize not only the opportunity new dayparts and new customers present but capture these new customers with exceptional new offerings.”

Importantly, BevZero offers product development expertise for non-alcoholic wine, beer, cider and spirits in conventional arenas as well as in North America’s emerging hemp and cannabis markets.

BevZero’s full service options include:

  • Dealcoholization
  • Product Development
  • Bulk or finished product for branding or infusion
  • Smoke Taint Removal
  • Wine Destruction/Disposal
  • Cross Flow Filtration
  • VA Removal
  • Stuck Fermentation Services
  • Sale of High Proof Alcohol

For more information about BevZero’s products and services, go to: bevzero.com.


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