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Medlock Ames Winery Realigns Leadership to Implement New Sustainability Standards


Winery Founder Shifts Role to Focus on Sustainability and Appoint The Next Generation of Leaders to Winemaker And Director of Sales & Marketing

Healdsburg, Calif., September 9, 2021 — Healdsburg-based Medlock Ames today announced a new alignment of leadership to strengthen its focus on sustainability and regenerative organic farming while making way for the winery’s next generation of leadership and winemaking expertise. Succeeding Co-Founder Ames Morison, Abby Watt takes the lead as Winemaker, and Kim Pasquali is promoted to Director of Sales and Marketing. After 19 years as Winemaker, Ames Morison will shift focus to Medlock Ames’ strategic sustainability goals and be an outspoken educator to mitigate climate change. 

“As we plan to celebrate our 20th anniversary next year, we’re looking ahead to the next two decades and how we drive the conversation about climate change with each bottle of wine we produce from Bell Mountain Vineyard.  I couldn’t be more excited for our leadership team who bring the skills and experience needed to achieve our ambitious social and sales goals,” says Medlock Ames President, Julie Rothberg.

With preservation of the land and respect for the environment at the heart of Medlock Ames’ values, Ames will focus on implementing a five-year plan to set a new standard of environmental sustainability through regenerative organic farming, water conservation, fire prevention, community development, and eliminating greenhouse gas emissions.

“As I transition into a new role, I’m excited to concentrate my time and energy to push Medlock Ames to be a force for good in the world and focus on our climate impact, biodiversity, and inclusive culture,” says Morison. “Over the past year that Abby has been with Medlock Ames, I’ve seen her exceptional talent and dedication shine through and I’m thrilled for Abby to take on the role of winemaker, where I know she will bring the quality of our wines to new heights that beautifully express the unique terroir of our Bell Mountain Vineyard.”

Abby joined Medlock Ames in 2020 as Associate Winemaker, offering a breadth of experience from vineyard work in five different countries and across Sonoma County, following winemaking roles at Peay Vineyards and Kosta Browne. With a deep understanding of organic viticulture, Abby will oversee all vineyard and winemaking operations to ensure Medlock Ames’ values and beliefs translate in farming practices and wine production.

“It’s an honor to assume the role of Winemaker and I’m excited to be a part of this organization taking action and demanding better of ourselves and our industry,” says Abby Watt. “I look forward to following in Ames’ footsteps and continuing to work alongside him to craft wines that demonstrate what our unique Bell Mountain Vineyard can express.”

Through Medlock Ames’ outspoken advocacy of climate change mitigation, Bell Mountain Vineyard is attracting a new consumer base. “This requires new sales leadership to oversee a growing fan base, care for our loyal, long-time members and create new experiences that tell the story of how a small farm can have a big impact on our world,” says Rothberg.  To lead these efforts, Kim Pasquali has been promoted to Director of Sales and Marketing after joining Medlock Ames in 2020 as the Head of Guest Experiences.

With over ten years of sales and marketing experience in the wine industry, Kim will drive the strategic direction of direct-to-consumer sales, hospitality, digital marketing, and upcoming anniversary events. In her new role, she will lead hospitality, events, eCommerce, marketing, and the membership program for Medlock Ames. Previously, Kim held trade and consumer marketing and sales roles at Constellation Brands and Landmark Vineyards.

“Medlock Ames is in a transformational period as we look towards the future,” says Pasquali. “It is an exciting opportunity to communicate about our thriving vineyards and new wine programs to both our loyal fans, and new consumers alike, and I look forward to contributing to the continued growth and success of the brand.”

For more information about Medlock Ames, please visit www.medlockames.com and follow Medlock Ames on Instagram and Facebook at @medlockames.

About Medlock Ames

Medlock Ames Winery was formed in 1998 by college best friends, Ames Morison and Chris Medlock James, whose passion for wine inspired them to leave their New York City apartment and move across the country to produce award-winning wines from Sonoma’s Bell Mountain Ranch that straddles the Alexander Valley and Russian River Valley. The winery holds a deep commitment to preserving Bell Mountain and its surrounding areas; Co-founder Ames Morison is a vocal supporter of organic, light-touch agricultural practices and gentle winemaking techniques that reflect the purest representations of the terroir. Today, Medlock Ames specializes in Sonoma Cabernet Sauvignon, which balances the old and new world in both style and technique.



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