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Harvest Is Coming—No Fermenter, No Press? It’s Not Too Late


Complete wine fermenter with built-in press, delivered and operational within a week of your order. Free shipping offer valid until Oct 1, 2021.

The GOfermentor is a patented completely automated winemaking device that conducts fermentation inside bags. The GOfermentor’s single-use system not only eliminates punch-down labor and water consumption during fermentation, but also presses the wine for you at the press of a button. There is no washing as the bags are delivered clean, and only used once. Water usage is vastly reduced (by 90% on average), making the winery more environmentally sound. No washing, no steaming, no detergents, and minimal wastewater generation. Eliminating cleaning reduces labor so the winemaker can devote their time to more productive activities.

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  1. Automated Punch – Set schedule on your Smartphone for unattended punch. Monitor fermentation parameters from anywhere using free app (iOS and Android).
  2. Built-in Press – No external press needed. No press to buy and no press to clean. Yields are 150 gallons/ton or better.
  3. No Cleaning or Water Usage – Single-use medical grade liner eliminate cleaning and hassles of wash water treatment and monitoring. No environment permit needed.
  4. Quick, Easy Setupv – Place 4’ x4’ base in position and connect to 110 VAC.
  5. Capacity – Up to 1 ton of grapes per run.
  6. Cooling Capability – Optional cooling plate allows precise temperature control.
  7. Complete Starter Bundle – $ 2970 delivered. No sales tax except NJ.

About the GOfermentor:

The GOfermentor has been commercially marketed since 2014 and hundreds of units are in use worldwide. Over 5 US and International patents have been granted. Wineries have recognized the advantages of unattended punching, elimination of cleaning, and low cost. There is essentially no installation, and units can be operational within hours of delivery. Bases can be used for racking or folded up for storage..

Numerous side by side trials have shown that the GOfermentor is capable of producing superb wine with no off-odors or “reductive” characteristics. The GOfermentor can be programmed to perform a “punch” on a scheduled basis day and night. The GOfermentor periodically squeezes the fermenting must in red wine using the patented internal inflatable chamber, eliminating the cap. This promotes bulk mixing unlike anything possible with pump-over or manual punching. This action also lifts the settled yeast off the bottom and disperses it. This avoids the development of stagnant layers of decomposing yeast. The temperatures can be automatically controlled using an optional cooling plate. As the fermentation temperatures and other parameters are more homogenous, they provide more uniform conditions that result in consistent yeast performance.

The GOfermentor single-use system not only eliminates punch-down labor during fermentation, but it also presses the wine for you at the press of a button. The system’s innately gentle press is built into each GOfermentor ensuring excellent yields – 150 gallons/ton or better, with the richest, softest tannins possible.

After pressing, waste pomace is contained inside the fermentation bag which is then removed; the pomace can be used for compost, and the biodegradable bag is discarded. Put in a new bag and you are ready for the next fermentation.

In short, the GOfermentor enables a winery to operate with minimal water. The GOfermentor is low cost and can be installed in hours without requiring any significant infrastructure. The GOfermentor uses up to 1 ton of grapes per run. The GOfermentor used 44″x 44″ of floor space. Standard household-type electric service 110 VAC 5amp.

“GOfermentor is revolutionizing the wine making industry, as it allows fermentation capacity to be added instantly when needed.” Says the inventor, Dr. Vijay Singh. When not in use, the GOfermentor can be folded and stacked for storage freeing up valuable floor space in the winery for other operations. Not other wine fermenter with a 1 ton capacity can be delivered and running in a matter of days.

For more information, visit gofermentor.com or contact [email protected].


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