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Falcon FrightKite™ Expands Options for Vineyard Crop Protection


After five years of growing success flying Falcon Frightkites™ over vineyards to ward off destructive birds, Roger Snow, owner of Falcon Crop Protection, is introducing two new models in response to customer demand.

We LOVE our Falcon FrightKites™,” said Kevin and Wendy, owners of Tara Bella Winery, when asked about their success with the Falcon FrightKite™. “Not only are they amazing to see & a great conversation piece, but we also did NOT put up ANY bird netting last year, and we had zero bird damage.

Growers like Kevin and Wendy are increasingly replacing their netting with the Falcon FrightKites™ and satisfied customers are looking to upgrade their falcon solutions. In addition, many first-time East Coast buyers are seeking solutions customized to their needs.

The first new product replaces the 31-foot model, extending the height to 36-foot with a telescoping glass-reinforced flight pole that elevates the Falcon to over 60 feet in the air. This added height makes the Falcon FrightKites™ clearly visible to incoming birds from even greater distances than the popular F28K — for only $36 more. This added height is especially beneficial when hills or tall tree borders block the line of sight for incoming flocks of birds.

The new product uses the standard rubber grommet in the bottom and has a solid black flexipole for vineyard installation. For customers on a budget, it adds height for $100 less than the 42-foot aluminum pole model, although the superior longevity of the aluminum pole makes the 42-foot model the preferred choice.

The proven effectiveness of Falcon FrightKites™ against gulls and geese led Falcon Crop Protection to develop a new kit with a 22-foot pole that fits into rod holders on boats and repels gulls and marine birds. The marine model does not require the rubber grommet or flexipole and instead has an additional 28-inch extension pole tapered at one end to insert into the base of the flight pole. A retaining clip is molded into the flight pole to secure it tightly so it doesn’t lift the assembly out of the rod holder and end up in the sea. The new Marine kit is also effective in vineyards whose owners prefer not to use the flexipole system.

To purchase or learn more about the new Falcon FrightKites™, go to www.falconcropprotection.com. Be sure to check out the new installation video and installation advice document on the website under “Support.” For questions or to decide which Falcon FrightKite is right for you, contact Roger today at info@falconcropprotection.com or 415-789-5007.

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