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WineLA In-Person Tasting Events Are Back!


Starting July 31 at 2pm – Winecamp: An Introduction To Wine™

WineLA announces in-person wine tastings in Santa Monica!

July 16th – When the pandemic shuttered all live events, WineLA.com pivoted to virtual tastings on Zoom.

While we are not out of the woods yet, we are slowly planning our return! We too miss the community we serve and hope that we can find a path back to health, for without health nothing else matters.

To do what we do, we need the city to be healthy, wealthy, and active. The wealth comes in the form of activities, safety, and overall confidence–and we see Los Angeles positively flourishing in some areas and deathly ill in others. Small businesses like ours have been decimated, so we are trying our best to restart and hope to find a few partners that can benefit from our promotion, and positive energy. We start at Board & Brush in Santa Monica, a creative studio for private events and painting/art classes. We think you’ll enjoy the discovery of this small business and support the owner’s vision. They even serve wine at Board & Brush so they are able to host amazing private and corporate events. We encourage other businesses to come forward, we do the work, we pay the bills, and help your business get discovered.


Wine Camp: An Introduction to WineA™ – Our #1 class with over 100,000 served 

Sunday, July 31 from 2pm-4pm

The Champagne Challenge – Blind taste the best bubbles in the universe

Saturday, August 7 from 2pm-4:15pm

Wine, Cheese & Charcuterie – 6 wines, 3 cheeses, 3 charcuterie–and many more discussed!

Sunday, August 8 from 2pm-4pm

The Cabernet Challenge – Blind taste some of the best in Cabernet, three wines at a time, up to 21 total; find out what you love!

Saturday, September 11 from 2pm-4pm
Our calendar of events can be found at www.learnaboutwine.com 


Being a wine anything wasn’t part of the original plan – and when you’re raised in a military family, drinking wine may not be the first idea that comes to mind, either.  Ian discovered the wine industry at the ripe age of 21 and didn’t consider it a career option, but working for top chefs in the formidable dining rooms of early 1990s Los Angeles blew doors open – leading Ian to a career in wine education. 

Working with and around great wine brands for most of his adult-life, and leading wine tours and culinary adventures around the world – Ian loves to share his story and his passion.  When Covid shut down his wineLA.com event business, Ian pivoted full circle and restarted LearnAboutWine.com and launched ZoomIntoWine.com as a way to bring his version of wine education and entertainment to a limitless audience. With his family’s wine store Merchantofwine.com, virtual wine tastings with wine delivered “at home” is the latest chapter in the evolution of Ian’s dedication to wine education, edu-tainment and the wine lifestyle. This bio and life is a work in progress…let’s see what the next vintage provides.



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