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The New WineDirect Powered by BigCommerce Creates Huge Potential for New DTC Growth Throughout Wine Industry


One has the industry completely dialed in.

The other has all the technical savvy you could ask for, down pat.

Together, by integrating BigCommerce technology into the new WineDirect platform, they create a powerful new opportunity for direct to consumer (DTC) sales growth throughout the global wine industry that could set records previously unimaginable.

WineDirect BigCommerce

Earlier this month, WineDirect and BigCommerce announced a groundbreaking new partnership that will allow access to a flexible, modern ecommerce platform for 2,000 plus wine brands across the globe, which is certain to alter the way business is done into the foreseeable future.

Mindful of the fact that online alcohol shoppers more than doubled in the U.S. in 2020 due to the impacts of Covid 19, and that the growth has continued to build so far in 2021, wineries are recognizing the critical need to retool and reinvest in their online sales capabilities.

According to principals at both WineDirect and BigCommerce, this new partnership will provide world-class digital storefronts and modern platform proficiencies necessary to jump start winery ecommerce activity to the next levels.

“As the DTC channel becomes increasingly important for wineries, we want to support our winery partners even further by providing the best ecommerce tools available not only in the wine industry, but to rival the best across all industries,” declares Jim Agger, Senior Vice-President of Ecommerce at WineDirect.

“BigCommerce enables beautiful store experiences, fast check out, powerful analytics, and customization through flexible APIs and third-party apps, which allows our team to focus our development efforts on features and services that are unique to the wine industry.”

WineDirect already provides the industry with a full, end-to-end solution system to develop and manage a complete DTC package for their customers.

The new WineDirect powered by BigCommerce will enhance that service by offering the leading ecommerce platform in the industry with:

  • lightning fast single-page checkout
  • an extremely advanced infrastructure
  • the ultimate flexibility to support any type of design
  • a simple-to-use content management system (CMS) that supports thousands of themes
  • WordPress, natively
  • access to BigCommerce’s app marketplace

“One of the exciting shifts over the last couple of years is that wineries have realized that it’s not only necessary to sell to consumers online, but that they’re able to reach their customers more quickly and engage with them more effectively by doing so,” notes Andrea Smalling, WineDirect’s Vice President of Marketing and Sales.

“We see this partnership with BigCommerce and the resulting tools that will come with it as part of our ongoing mission to be The Winery’s Champion. We are serving  the industry with the best ecommerce technology, along with industry-leading customer support, professional services and thought leadership so that our winery partners have all they need to succeed in this brave new world.”

WineDirect’s new platform, powered by BigCommerce, will begin to roll out to select early-adopter winery partners in time for the holiday season 2021 with full migration beginning early 2022.

For more information, go to www.winedirect.com.


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