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Solar Toasted Oak Staves and Barrel Inserts – An Industry Breakthrough


In 2019, Boisé France launched their SAEVE environmental plan with a strong commitment to produce quality oak products with sustainable practices. By September 1, 2020 energy consumption had already been shifted significantly toward renewable resources and 300 solar panels had been installed on their production facility allowing Boisé to toast all of their staves and barrel inserts with 100% solar energy.

“We want to combine the environmental exemplarity with the precision and the repeatability of our chips and staves. We want to act in accordance with the efforts winemakers make every day in their vineyards and cellars” says Karine Herrewyn, Managing Director of the company. “Our ambition is to make the Boisé brand an environmental reference for them.”

Boise Oak and Solar Panels

Reaching 100% solar powered toasting was a milestone, but not the end of Boisé’s ambition. They are committed to transform the Boisé France oenological oak production site to emit the lowest possible carbon and improve energy efficiency by 10% by the end of 2021. To achieve this they implemented the ISO 50001 framework and obtained certification in August 2020.

Boisé are pioneers among oenological oak producers with their sustainability carbon reduction initiatives, and they are not new to environmental responsibility. Boisé already sources 100% of their oak from French PEFC-certified forests. PEFC promotes environmental, economic and socially responsible forest management. The organization ensures a perennial access to the oak resource while protecting those who work there and protecting biodiversity and ecological balance.

At the end of each year, Boisé carries out a management review to evaluate their sustainability actions and outcomes, so that they can continue to improve and set objectives for the future. Some of their future goals include finding alternative ways for energy optimization, working on water management, and improving transportation efficiency to reduce carbon emissions.

The environmental exemplarity and certifications reflect Boisé’s values and combines perfectly with their commitment to excellence, precision and repeatability of all of their products.

For more than two decades Boisé has been producing precision enological oak products beginning with their comprehensive range of premium quality French oak chips, which has in recent years been extended with a line of French oak staves and barrel inserts that offer the same consistent quality.

Boisé inserts, staves, and oak chips are distributed by G3 Enterprises in the United States. For more technical information, please contact G3 Enterprises at [email protected].


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