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You’re Invited to the First Ever Label Harvest!

Ready-Made Label Designs Ripe for the Picking!

While this year’s grape harvest is coming to an end, the first ever label harvest will soon begin!

While a handful are already “ripe” and ready to go, you’ll soon be able to harvest dozens of downloadable and fully customizable label designs — each specifically developed for commercial wine.
Pique Label is a new e-commerce company that provides a quick, easy, and versatile labeling solution never before available to the commercial wine industry.
Wine Label
Each off-the-shelf design is a one of a kind creation that’s hand-crafted by a professional designer to be eye-catching as well as legally compliant.
The designs are built with the same quality and standards as custom, tailor-made labels, but provide much more. Some could even argue that Pique Label’s solution is superior to the traditional label design process — compare for yourself!

Pique Label’s designs are convenient and provide ample flexibility. While not quite a “turn-key” product, they can be customized with minimal effort. And while not quite a “template”, they allow for maximum creativity.

What really sets Pique Label apart from the competition is that they provide more than just a design. The designs they sell are packaged with useful resources such as a detailed product guide and digital mockup tool. They also come with generous, all-inclusive licensing (included in the purchase price) which allows for use beyond wine labeling. In this way, Pique Label’s founder clarifies, “It’s more than a label, it’s a tool with which to build a brand.”
Customers of Pique Label enjoy the following benefits (and more):

Prices start at $1,500.

Pique Label was founded, and is owned and operated, by an experienced Napa-based graphic designer whose passion is developing innovative and creative solutions for the wine industry.
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