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Leading Paper Company Provides Bottle Label Marketing Strength to Wineries Around the Globe


It’s pretty common knowledge now that between 70 and 80 percent of consumers select wines based on aesthetic appeal, rather than broad-based wine expertise or even a particular variety preference.

“In the midst of a shopping experience, most people who show up don’t know what to purchase,” confirms Greg Maze, Director of Marketing for Packaging at Neenah Inc., a global leader in providing paper-based solutions to commercial enterprises for more than 140 years.

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“You have about three to seven seconds before that decision is made, when (the consumer) has dozens of choices. Outside of taste or experiences, your wine label is the only thing that distinguishes your bottle from anybody else.”

Recognizing that bottle label strength is critical to capturing target audiences in a crowded marketplace, Neenah Inc. offers wineries a myriad of paper-label based choices to build and reinforce brand equity around the globe.

Neenah Inc. specializes in three types of superior quality paper label categories for bottling:

  • Estate® Label – the leader in uncoated paper labeling, chosen for unmatched performance to complement brand image. Estate® Label is engineered specifically to meet the challenges of wine label printing applications, with “wet strength” additives to resist tearing or shriveling in moist environments.
    Colors include: Black, Bright White, Cream, Natural, and Kraft. PC100 White, PC100 Bright White, Titanium White, White, Ultra White, White Pearlized.
    Finishes include: NEW Martele, NEW Digital Laid, New Digital Vellum, Smooth, Vellum, Laid and Felt.
  • Bella® Label paper – designed to be exceptionally durable during production and stunning on the shelf. Ideal for craft beverages. Comes in colors of Natural and White with New Burlap, Smooth, Vellum and Laid finishes.
  • Classic® Label – the perfect choice for premium bottlers based on its conversion capabilities and polished look and feel. As beautiful as they are durable. A variety of colors are available in finishes of Smooth, Linen, Laid and Felt.

Neenah Inc. has built its stellar reputation over time by working diligently with client partners about the specific features they prioritize in a paper label product.

R Collection

Headquartered near Atlanta, GA, the company has manufacturing facilities throughout North America and Europe to maintain its responsive global distribution system.

“The wine industry is a global industry,” notes Maze. “It’s important that the solutions you deliver are available globally.”

For more information and orders, go to neenahpaper.com.


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