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California Nursery Poised for 2020 Growing Season with Quality Vines, Exceptional Service


Casa Cristal Nursery opened in 1990 with a commitment to growing relationships as well as vines.  The company has been partnering with growers for three decades, providing healthy, true-to-type grapevines and rootstock backed by quality assurance and exceptional service unparalleled in the industry.

“We go to great lengths to deliver a high standard of product and service that meets or exceeds grower expectation,” asserts Casa Cristal’s General Manager Justin Jackson. “Our commitment to customers is service, reliability and exceptional quality of vines.”

Casa Cristal Nursery offers dormant bare root grapevines as well as green growing potted vines.  All of their rootstock increase blocks are on raised trellises to minimize soil contact. This improves sanitation and limits contamination risk from soil-borne bacterial and fungal pathogens.

Casa Cristal continues to expand its greenhouse facilities, investing in infrastructure, automation and technical assistance to deliver healthy grapevines that transition quickly into a fruitful vineyard. Their potted vines are delivered in fully degradable Elle Pots, which provide savings on labor costs at planting, reduce waste, and help minimize transplant shock.

“We offer a wide selection of all prominent wine grape varieties for our customers throughout California and beyond,” notes Jackson, “and we provide support and regular communication at every juncture, from the initiation of an order through planting.”

Casa Cristal Nursery offers several unique services to its clients, including custom soil mapping, a powerful multifaceted tool allowing for amendment applications exactly where they are needed. Soil mapping results help growers design an irrigation system specific to the variables within any vineyard, and select the best rootstocks for that particular soil.

Because newly planted vines require attention in the early stages to flourish and ultimately produce a good harvest, Casa Cristal provides post-planting support with industry-leading expertise to ensure a successful vineyard for years to come.

“Our business is geared to the grower’s needs and expectations,” Jackson proclaims. “We are with you every step of the way, because we’re not just growing grapevines. We’re building long term, lasting relationships, on the road to becoming a trusted partner and a preferred provider.”

For information go to: https://casacristal.com/.




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