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Get More Attention with Dimensional Labels

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Are you looking for a way to get more attention than your competition and stake a larger claim on the shelf?

We can show you how with beautiful, upscale 3-dimensional labels. Our labels are the next generation in complicated decoration.

More impactful than flat or embossed paper labels, dimensional labels guarantee your product will command more attention on the shelf.

Imagine your logo transformed into an upscale, beautiful dimensional label.

Now kick it up a notch and imagine your dimensional label on other products you sell or give away to complement your spirit or wine bottles.

Mugs, caps, shirts, bags, exquisite packaging, whatever you offer to raise awareness and market share for your brand.

Curious to know more? Visit our booth to learn how to transform from ordinary to extraordinary.

Morgan Design Group
WIN Expo Booth: 808

The year was 1973 when Morgan Design Group entered the automotive branding arena. Our goal, to be the Neiman Marcus of car branding.

Flash forward to 2018, having achieved our mission, we decided to take another leap into a new direction, expanding our branding expertise into the wine, spirits and packaging arenas.

We see the future in upscale, dimensional labels. Walk into any liquor store, the customer is mesmerized and sometimes overwhelmed by the cornucopia of choice. They begin to scan the labels. What stands out? What draws them closer?

Chances are, if we can get them to pick up your bottle, they will buy it.

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