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Wineries Share Their Point-of-Sale System Priorities and Experiences


by Barbara Barrielle

Jim Morris
Jim Morris

Point-of-Sale systems in wineries seem to be a love-hate relationship…many times the hate overcoming the love as the frustrations of adapting to changing and challenging environments puts a strain on winery personnel and the electronic retail and data system that supports their efforts.

“I have worked with all of the major ones from VinNow, to E-Winery Solutions, to Vin65, to WineDirect, B-Loyal, AMS, Nexternal, and now E-Cellars. The needs of every business component of your winery must be considered,” says Jim Morris, vice president of hospitality and events at Charles Krug. “From the process of gathering and sorting data, simple to complex report generation, easy transactions including mobile and online ordering, checks and balances like ShipCompliant, and comprehensive tracking and order history functions. Stability of platform and a long list of satisfied customers and an active user community are plusses.”

With many wineries focusing on consumer experience in the winery and direct-to-consumer selling and marketing because profit margins are higher than the three-tier system, effective POS systems are crucial. And the needs of a winery vary depending on size, case production, complexity of the tasting room and tasting experiences, and the number of employees that must use and implement the system.

In Napa, at Alpha Omega Collective, which is made up of the 15,000 case Alpha Omega Winery, 20,000 case Tolosa Winery in San Luis Obispo and 6,500 case Spain-based Perinet, which sends 4,000 cases to the States. They use WineDirect and Paul LaRose oversaw the migration in 2015. The winery subsequently lured Tim Powell away from WineDirect to become Director of Technology. It appears they were happy with the system.

Paul LaRose
Paul LaRose

Powell says, “There are many factors when deciding on a POS system but the key priorities are a) reliability and dependability, b) consistent performance without lags or delays and c) speed of workflows. The POS has to be an extension of the tasting room staff’s hands.”

“We have a very active and loyal wine club,” LaRose, the Omni director of sales, points out. “DTC makes up over 90% of Alpha Omega’s overall business and 70% of Tolosa’s. Of the Perinet wines shipped into the U.S., 85% of the revenues are from DTC. Data capture is just as important as sales and hospitality in our winery. At Alpha Omega, having a winery in the heart of the Napa Valley on Highway 29, acquiring accurate data is how we grow and expand.”

At the smaller, 2,500 case winery 32 Winds in Dry Creek Valley, Winery Manager Liz Findeiss has a list of what she is looking for in a POS System, “I value the ease of training new employees, Customer Relationship Management, the ease of running wine club cycles with multiple club variants, credit card updating capabilities, the ability to host and sync with online store/website, prompt customer service, and automatic order submittal to fulfillment house.”

At Charles Krug, they produce 60,000 cases a year and currently have E-Cellars as their POS system. “The ability to generate data and have robust analytics is critical. From simple information like all buyers in a region to anyone who has purchased a Cabernet in the last two years,” says Jim Morris. “The ability to pull solid data from the system is critical.”

While there have been solid improvements in POS systems in the last few years as they have specific requirements for wineries like state-to-state licensing and shipping procedures as well as the myriad of sales channels wine is sold through and the continued growth of direct-to-consumer selling, there remain stumbling blocks for wineries at all levels.

At Alpha Omega, LaRose points to one shortcoming, “I’d like to see the ability to split sales channels within one order. For example, if you have a wine club member order six bottle of wine in addition to their regular six bottle shipment, having the ability to ring up six bottles under Tasting Room and six under wine club in the same order would be ideal.

“This gives you clean and accurate reporting within your sales channels in which you can scale and grow utilizing ‘clean’ data. Also having clean and precise orders spread among your sales channels creates less internal politics and distractions while creating more focus on top line revenue and bottom line awareness.”

At 32 Winds Winery, Christine Bizzell points out issues with their current system, “The eCommerce and email marketing components are a problem. In addition, we’ve experienced bad user experience, low engagement with email campaigns and low web sales.”

Tim Powell
Tim Powell

Morris says he is frustrated with Krug’s system’s mobile POS components and lack of a fully-cooked email system. He sums it up by saying, “I have been through many POS decision making processes and it seems the latest, newest shiny thing rarely lives up to its promises. Winery POS systems are very complicated beasts and there are many business functions that must be fully integrated into them.

“They also must work with larger accounting programs so data passes seamlessly into the financial part of the business. And they MUST have extraordinary customer service, online chat windows and comprehensive ongoing training.”

Alpha Omega’s Powell, formerly with a POS supplier says, “The POS and eCommerce industry is very competitive these days. We’ll always assess our ROI and keep a finger on the pulse of the new and up-and-coming solutions out there,” he continues. “We value stability, reliability, performance, and ease of use. We also value a good partnership composed of solid communication, excellent customer service, and an understanding of our business needs.

“When your partner is ‘all-in’ and when the effort is there, you can feel it. It makes all the difference in a successful, long-term partnership.”

Point-of-Sale Systems


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Founded in 1991, Microworks found its niche in the Wine Industry after providing consulting services to several wineries in Northern California to help them find more efficient ways to manage their tasting room sales, wine clubs and shipping processes. Previous to the Wine Industry, Microworks provided automated retail solutions for specialty gift shops around the US, Canada, and Pacific rim. Microworks commitment to developing and continually improving its products has made them a leading and well respected provider of Direct Sales Management software. Our commitment to quality and customer success has proven valuable for our customers.


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360Winery is brought to you by a committed team that is led by the seasoned entrepreneur, Achamma Mathews. A wine connoisseur herself, Achamma is a visionary with 3 decades of experience in developing software products for the food and agriculture industry. Achamma worked closely with Australian wineries to release the first version of her winery software in 2005. She has now rolled out the upgraded 360Winery software with unique features to help winery owners and managers around the globe run their wineries efficiently.


TROLY Solution will help your winery increase your sales and your margins by helping you manage the inventory, DTC, wine club, fulfillment, reporting, and accounting. Troly is more than an advanced software. It will allow you to optimize your Direct Sales and save a lot of managing time, save on shipping and credit card fees, help you manage your inventories and integrate your “Point of Sale (POS)” (on tablet and mobile), can automate your marketing emails, credit card verification before shipping and will be integrated into your website. Also, everything can be connected to your accounting software.


Our cloud-based platform allows you to manage your direct-to-consumer (DTC) business across multiple sales channels (ecommerce, POS, and wine club), all while enjoying a single view of the customer. With simplyCMS as its foundation, the company has been around for many years and our existing customers come in all shapes and sizes, from small wineries to large multi-brand/multi-site wine businesses. Our platform includes everything you need to provide an excellent experience for your customers: content management, CRM, marketing tools, ecommerce, wine club, a contemporary mobile point-of-sale, an advanced shipment manager, and compliance tools.


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  1. Wow, no mention of Commerce7? This article seems incomplete considering how they’ve come out with something that provides an all-in-one solution for the wine industry.

  2. Good review.  I have some personal bias – but I’d love to see Commerce7 on here.

    Also these suggestions are great – but would be nice to see some focus outward rather than just focus inward.

  3. We have been on windirect/vin65 for 8 years now.   I have stories.   Ask them about the tipping system for tasting room staff.  Or mysterious hangups as you try to print receipts opening the cash drawer.  
    Always an adventure.  Especially on holiday weekends. 
    If anyone at wine direct wants to debate the tipping feature call me.

  4. Good point Jules (VinesOS). It has been WINS history to only write about companies that advertise with them. I wonder if that remains their policy today.

    It’s not bad as long as wineries understand that.

    VinNOW, Commerce7, Zudle, Captina, SquareSpace, Revel, etc. All have their place in the industry.

  5. The solutions in the markets. Many are missing including Commerce7, VinNOW, VinesOS, Revel, SquareSpace, Zudle, Captina, etc.

  6. The industry needs to know about what is new. My company, Bloom, wasn’t mentioned either. We’ve taken a drastically different approach to e-comm and POS for wineries. Bloom is built on the Shopify platform, which allows wineries be very forward thinking and develop bespoke experiences with incredible efficiency. Outward focus please…like Andrew K mentioned.

  7. Thank you Jim Morris for choosing eCellar!  Krug has returned to eCellar for the 3rd and final time!  One thing not mentioned that is essential to reliable mobile POS is stable (and strong signal) – either WiFi or 4G network.  Let’s continue getting that WiFi network dialed in throughout the beautifully sprawling Charles Krug grounds.  I’ll be working with Doug F and Mark Blair to get some better email wrappers designed to get eCellar Campaign Manager cooking up more online sales for Charles Krug as well.  Always at your service!  — Paul Thienes, eCellar Founder & CEO


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