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Create a Unique Look Tailored to Your Brand


Stand out in the crowd. Create a unique look, tailored to your target demographic. These are the mantras of creating a wine brand that will reflect your individual style and goals. Here at Maverick Enterprises, INC, we recognize that the choice of capsule or hood is an integral part of your branded packaging, and we recognize that you are choosing thoughtfully. With the upscale and customizable look we provide with our tin capsule options and wire hoods for your sparkling wine, completing your labeling with a high-end finished look can make the difference to your stand-out branding. In addition to providing you with a luxury look, we are equally committed to our sustainability program, which is unmatched in the industry. 

Capsules: Unicorn and XO

Tin Capsules

Artistic detail saturates our distinctive tin capsules, which are made of a single piece with no seam presenting a grandeur product on the market. Created out of pure tin ingots in Spain by Rivercap and distributed by Maverick, they are a sign of art and distinction, enhancing both wine and spirits bottles with their quality and luxurious appearance. Providing a distinctive smooth and malleable feel, these capsules embrace the bottle for a clean, prominent artisan presentation, favored by winery owners and sommeliers around the world.

Wire Hoods

As an integral part of your branding, the wire hood is a strong visual symbol representing your product. Each wire hood is created with extraordinary attention to detail, in France by Le Muselet Valentin and distributed by Maverick. Wire hoods are customizable by using different printing techniques, colored wire, stamping and other options, which make them a unique identifier specific to your winery. We offer standard and customized background colors, two-sided printing, embossing, debossing, and colored wires, creating fully customizable options to meet your needs. We provide adaptability, reactivity and innovation in working with our customers in order to to meet their needs in creating a unique wire hood that suits their brand.

Wire Hoods

Maverick Enterprises produces a variety of capsule types to serve the wine, distilled spirits, and specialty food and beverage industries.  Located in Northern California, we provide hands-on customer service and support to our customer base.  Maverick Enterprises has a fully vertically integrated production facility, where our PVC, Poly and Champagne capsules are printed, formed and shipped out from our Ukiah facility.  Our approach to engineering new projects makes every custom capsule unique.  We work to provide the best option for your elegantly branded product that not only look great, but are applied with the functionality and branding your packaging deserves.

Offering you options to meet your distinctive look, branding and budget, Maverick Enterprises of Northern California can provide you with the style you are looking for to complete your closure branding. Visit our website at maverickcaps.com, or contact us at (707) 463-5591.


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