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G3 Enterprises Brings Specialized Capabilities to Service Small to Mid-sized Premium Wineries


“With G3 Boutique, we offer simplicity and convenience to the supply chain of small and mid-size wineries. We do this by offering bundled and flexible solutions that leverage G3’s three decades of best-in-class expertise to ensure product and service excellence,” says Josh Little, North Coast Business Development Manager, G3 Enterprises.

Over the last year and a half, G3 has been building a dedicated team and infrastructure to extend their white glove, high quality services to boutique wineries on California’s North and Central Coast. This means that wineries from 5,000 to 200,000 cases will be able to take advantage of G3 Boutique’s premium grape to glass suite of services.

The range of products and services offered includes small lot grape hauling and compartmentalized bulk wine tankers, bottling equipment and services, oak alternatives, premium Diam corks as well as stock capsules, Petainer Kegs, glass, and label printing. “We are truly the one stop solution supplier to the industry. That means simplicity for the wineries, which makes winemaking production a lot more streamlined,” says Little.

While G3 Enterprises works with many large wineries in the industry and has infrastructure, technology, and specialized teams dedicated to each of the different lines of business, the Boutique team leverages that vast depth of expertise to focus on solutions for small and mid-size wineries.

“From a technology perspective, we have GPS tracking available on our grape trailers and bulk wine tankers, so we can track in real time where that equipment is, which is something that not a lot of other companies can offer,” says Little. “And we’re able to put the same attention to even the smallest single bin load that we would a ten truck lot coming out of a vineyard. There is efficiency you get from knowing where your grapes are, it helps your labor planning in the winery and your communication back to the vineyard.”

A leader in wine industry innovation, G3 Enterprises has a team that’s constantly working to improve products and processes for wineries. They also offer advanced printing capabilities including flexographic, digital, and offset, as well as proprietary G INK technology.

While G3 Boutique can handle almost every need a winery has from grape to glass, they recognize that each boutique winery is unique and the focus is on service, service designed to be flexible and customizable, tailored to fit the specific needs and goals of each winery.

“What differentiates us is the team, the passion that drives our whole team to really care about the customers’ success and focus on building long-term relationships,” says Little. “I grew up in Sonoma, and being back on the North Coast in business development serving small and midsize wineries is really exciting.”

For more information about G3 Enterprises, visit www.G3enterprises.com or call 1-800-321-8747.




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