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3-Tier Wine Symposium: Wholesale Channel Opportunities


With Actionable Insights for Distribution Success

Wine Industry Network’s newest conference on the scene, the upcoming 3-Tier Wine Symposium, is a one-day conference focusing on helping winery owners and executives navigate the complicated world of distributor relations.

Providing the impetus of choosing the overall subject for the symposium, George Christie, president of Wine Industry Network and producer of the new 3-Tier Symposium says, “This issue was one I’ve been thinking about for a long time. Our mission at Wine Industry Network is to be the best business resource we can be, and for small and medium-production wineries in particular, succeeding in the wholesale channel is one of the most challenging parts of the business. So – we decided it was a topic we needed to tackle.”

The moderator for the Symposium, Laura Webb, partner in the consulting firm Okos Partners, will bring her years of experience in marketing and innovation for the food & beverage industry to the stage in addition to sponsoring the event. Says Webb, “George [Christie] and I came together for the development of this project. We both observed the challenges many wineries were facing in optimizing and leveraging their relationships with distributors. I see this [Symposium] as a chance for wineries to take a fresh look at those relationships to drive meaningful growth.”

Meet The Experts:

The quality of speakers and amount of expertise they bring to the topic is phenomenal,” Christie explains, “Each of the sessions are designed to build on the one prior, like building blocks, over the course of the day.” Webb will be the moderator for all sessions, moving from strategic to more tactical areas as the day progresses.

The topics that will be covered include changes in the distributor world, distributor consolidation, finding the right distribution partner, win-win distributor negotiations, planning a new product launch, how private labels are impacting the wholesale channel, and more.

Webb says that many small and medium-production wineries have pushed away from the wholesale arena, and she feels that this is a missed opportunity, citing that many wineries’ growth goals inherently mean that you must have 3-tier distribution to reach them.

Symposium Sponsors:

Webb feels that the linear structure of this symposium stands out from others, and is designed to move beyond information and expertise sharing to become a more interactive, action-oriented experience, which she is looking forward to. She notes, “My role is to help audience members glean new insights and perspectives, translate those insights into ideas for their own organizations, and develop the beginning of a game plan for implementing ideas and changes which can directly improve their relationship and outcomes with distributors.”

To register, or to get more information about attending, sponsoring, or exhibiting, visit 3tierwine.com.

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