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Respect for Wine Drives Technologic Advancements in Winemaking


ConeTech and its sister company PolarClad have built a unique set of advanced technology solutions for winemakers that handle wine with the utmost care and help achieve the winemakers’ goals with the least possible disruption to the wine.

ConeTech’s alcohol adjustment process, already the most advanced and least disruptive, has taken another leap forward by vastly improving its volume recovery.

“Historically, our alcohol adjustment services have resulted in about 2% total volume loss of a blend during processing,” says Christopher Southern, Enologist/Sales manager at ConeTech. “We have now designed technologies that have reduced that to only 1%! while continuing to offer: 100% retention of all flavor and aroma volatiles, the fastest service available, and the ability to process wines with solids and turbidity. No one else can claim that!”

Typically only 10% on an entire blend need to be processed to achieve the desired alcohol adjustment for the total volume, which makes the logistics easier and the process faster.

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“Our process operates under vacuum and thus has no damaging pressures, none of the stripping associated with membrane filtration technologies, and allows the winemaker to harvest his grapes at full phenolic ripeness without worrying about alcohol levels,” says Southern.

“Furthermore, our technologies can handle turbidity, solids and dissolved gasses which allows us to adjust wines while they are fermenting,” Southern continues. “This is really helpful when our clients run into a stuck fermentation, or if they would like to adjust alcohols during fermentation to help drive more extraction.”

The ConeTech management team is made up of all winemakers. Their science background ensures an understanding of their clients’ needs and ability to advise on winemaking goals. They can calculate exactly how much wine needs to be adjusted to have wines finish right where the winemaker wants them.

“We care about our clients and their wine, and we want to be able to take care of all their needs,” says Southern, “so we are now offering VA removal in addition to alcohol adjustment, juice concentration, wine concentration, SO2 removal, winemaking consultation, and sales of grape spirits.”

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ConeTech’s sister company PolarClad Tank Insulation, the industry’s most sophisticated and leading tank insulation system, delivers up to 96.5% reduction in power usage and is another example of advanced technology inspired by the same care and respect for wine.

The Vinfoil tank mixer seen in the video above achieves faster circulation time with lower RPMs, less turbulence, and huge energy savings.

“We’re excited about the continued advancement we’re able to make in delivering advanced winemaking solutions to our clients,” says Southern, “and we invite those interested in learning more about our technology to come by our Santa Rosa facility, meet the staff and see for themselves.”

Christopher Southern
[email protected]

1450 Airport Blvd Ste 180
Santa Rosa CA, 95403


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